Border Patrol Jobs in Trout River, New York

The Trout River border crossing is located in a mostly rural area on northern New York. The border crossing station is located in between the Canadian town of Elgin, Quebec and the United States town of Constable, NY. This area of the Canadian border is considered one of the least trafficked border crossings in the country and therefore has one of the fewest amounts of employees.

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While the Trout River border station may not see as much action as other border stations across the country, there are still many reasons to consider applying for a position. For one thing, border patrol jobs in Trout River require agents to take on many tasks at the same time, which can include collaborations with local law enforcement and other federal agencies. The border station is also one of only a handful of stations located on a river that is shared by two countries.

The Trout River station is supervised by the larger, regional sector of the Buffalo, New York border crossing. Some of the biggest concerns for border patrol agents in this sector is drug smuggling and trafficking and illegal immigration- although, because of the low traffic coming across the Trout River station, drugs and illegal immigrants are not much of a problem. Most of the work at this station requires processing people and vehicles passing through from one country to the other. This station offers a great opportunity to work with the community and to focus on learning the basic skills needed to become a skilled border agent.

New Projects at the Trout River Border Station

On Jan. 11, 2013, the Department of Homeland Security and the Canadian Border Services Agency announced a new pilot project that would take place at a series of border crossings between the two countries. The Trout River station is one of the stations that would enact the new pilot project.

The pilot project is collaboration between the two countries in which they will share information regarding people who cross the border and are not a citizen of either country. The goal is to efficiently share information regarding immigrants who may be applying for a Visa or seeking asylum from their home country. The Department of Homeland Security also hopes that the pilot project will aid in the identification of potential terrorists and illegal immigrants trying to sneak into the country.

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