Border Patrol Jobs in Houlton, Maine

Border Patrol jobs in the Houlton, Maine sector involve patrolling the entire state of Maine. The Houlton Sector is responsible for the northeast corner of the state that shares a border with Canada, with the main focus being the border area located between the Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) Ports of Entry.

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Border Patrol professionals are responsible for carrying out a number of critical tasks associated with apprehending terrorists and illegal aliens. Their superb education and training, which takes place under the guidance of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security ever since the terror attacks of September 11, 2001, keeps weapons, drugs, illegal aliens, terrorists and terrorist weapons out of the country, thereby protecting the United States from threats abroad.

Jobs across the Houlton, Maine Sector has increased steadily since 2001, thereby increasing the demand for highly trained CBP professionals. There were 201 CBP jobs in the Houlton, Maine Sector in FY2011, an increase from 190 in FY2009 and 137 in FY2008.

In FY2011, CBP professionals in the Houlton, Maine Sector were responsible for 41 apprehensions and the seizure of 171 pounds of marijuana.

Border Patrol Requirements in the Houlton, Maine, Sector

CBP professionals represented in the Houlton, Maine Sector include:

Agricultural Specialists: Agricultural specialists ensure that harmful pests and plants and animal diseases do not enter the country through food and agriculture. These specialists also protect the nation from biological threats.

CBP Officers: CBP officers are the first-line officers who use full law enforcement powers to seize illegal narcotics and substances, make arrests, and prevent terrorists and terrorist weapons from entering the country.

CBP Pilot – With the size of the Houlton Sector, CBP Pilots are needed to provide surveillance from the air. This surveillance is used to prevent terrorism and illegal entry into the country.  CBP Pilots function as law enforcement officers who patrol the air instead of the land.

Aircraft Mechanic – As the Houlton Sector uses many aircraft in patrolling the state of Maine, trained Aircraft Mechanics are needed by the CBP to keep these aircraft in top working order.

In addition to passing a physical fitness test, background check, credit check, and criminal check for a career with the CBP, border patrol job requirements for CBP professionals include: U.S. citizenship; U.S. residency of at least 3 years; valid U.S. driver’s licenses; and no past arrests, convictions or financial issues.

All jobs with the CBP include a generous federal benefits package, which includes retirement benefits; a 401K plan; life insurance; and health insurance.

Border Crossings in Houlton, Maine

Border crossing stations at the Houlton, Maine Port of Entry include:

  • Orient Station
  • Monticello Station
  • Forest City Station

The Houlton Border Patrol Station is also located in Houlton, Maine. Staff there are responsible for patrolling 138 miles of international border with Canada (98 of which consists of a water boundary).

Within the Houlton Sector, the following Border Patrol Stations (besides Houlton) exist:

  • Van Buren Station
  • Calais Station
  • Rangeley Station
  • Fort Fairfield Station
  • Jackman Station

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