Border Patrol Jobs in Blaine, Washington

The Blaine, Washington Sector of the United States Border Patrol serves Alaska, the western portion of Washington and Oregon. Border patrol jobs in Blaine, Washington carry the responsibility of maintaining security at the border shared by the United States and Canada. As of December 2012, the Blaine Sector employed 331 Border Patrol personnel.

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Border Crimes in Blaine, Washington

Border Patrol Agents in the Blaine, Washington sector routinely arrest individuals trying to enter the United States illegally or trying to smuggle goods of all types from Canada into the U.S. illegally. Typical crimes reported by CBP employees in the Blaine sector include:

  • Arresting illegal aliens and processing them for removal from the United States
  • Seizing counterfeit money before it entered the United States
  • Seizing drugs before they cross the border into the United States from Canada (seizures include):
    • $2.39 million of ecstasy and marijuana in Sept 2012
    • 66 pounds of methamphetamine in April 2012
    • 4 ½ pounds of cocaine in April 2011

Border Crossings in Blaine, Washington

Border crossings within the Blaine, Washington Sector include:

  • Bellingham Station
  • Blaine Station
  • Port Angeles Station
  • Sumas Station

Blaine also houses a Service Port of Entry that processes all types of cargo entering the United States. Crossings at the Blaine Service Port include:

  • Pacific Highway Crossing
  • Peace Arch Port of Entry
  • Truck Crossing
  • Vehicle Export Office

Featured Border Patrol Jobs in Blaine, Washington

In addition to border patrol jobs in Blaine for agents and CBP officers, persons with different job titles must carry out other duties. Some of the border patrol jobs in Blaine may include:

    • Import Specialist: These personnel must process, categorize and appraise a variety of commercial goods entering the United States. They must also enforce laws that prohibit certain items from entering the U.S. The job requires candidates to go through weeks of specialized training in recognizing different types of imports. Other requirements include:
      • U.S. citizenship
      • Bachelor’s degree in related area such as business, economics or accounting, OR
      • Three years of work experience, OR
      • An acceptable combination of education and experience

  • Intelligence Research Specialist: This position requires personnel to provide intelligence to combat terrorism, trafficking of drugs, trafficking of weapons, and smuggling of humans. It requires experience in law enforcement, the military, or an intelligence community. A degree in International/Foreign Relations may be used in substitution for experience. Other requirements include:
    • U.S. citizenship
    • U.S. residency
    • Pass a background check
    • Pass a drug test
    • Receive Top Secret Clearance and Sensitive   Compartmented Information (SCI) Access
    • Willingness to travel
    • Willingness to perform shift work and overtime
    • Completion of mandatory Intelligence Specialist training

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