Border Patrol Jobs in Swanton, Vermont

Although Vermont is a small state in terms of square mileage,  Border Patrol jobs in the Swanton, Vermont Sector with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) are nevertheless critical.

In fact, recent arrests made in the Swanton Border Patrol Sector are a clear indicator that qualified CBP professionals in this area have never been more effective. For example, the CBP, along with federal, state, local and tribal law enforcement agencies, apprehended U.S. citizens in January 2012 on charges of alien smuggling; apprehended a New York resident on alien smuggling charges in October 2012; and apprehended a Honduran National in January 2012 for operating a prostitution ring.

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Border Patrol jobs in the Swanton, Vermont Sector has increased over recent years to meet the demand in this area. IN FY2011, there were 203 Border Patrol professionals assigned to the Swanton Border Patrol Sector, an increase from 292 jobs in FY2009 to 294 in FY2010. During FY2011, the CBP had 815 apprehensions and seized 7,415 pounds of marijuana and 28.16 pounds of cocaine.

Border Patrol Job Requirements in the Swanton, Vermont Sector

Some of the CBP professionals who have recieved the training and education necessary to work in the Swanton, Vermont Border Patrol Sector, include:

CBP Air Interdiction Agents: The CBP’s 1,200 Air Interdiction Agents detect, monitor, intercept, and track the illegal movement of people, drugs, and other contraband.

CBP Officers: CBP officers prevent the entry of terrorists or terrorist weapons into the United States through the inspection of travelers and their goods and through the seizure of narcotics and other illegal or prohibited items. These CBP professionals, who have full law enforcement powers, also prevent the entry of undocumented individuals into the country.

Border Patrol Agents: Border patrol agents prevent terrorists and terrorist weapons from entering the United States. These CBP professionals also apprehend people who break immigration and customs laws and detect and prevent the entrance of illegal aliens.

Regardless of the position held within the CBP, all candidates seeking to enter the CBP, which is now under the umbrella of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, must be U.S. citizens; they must meet specific U.S. residency requirements; they must hold a valid U.S. driver’s license; and they must be able to pass a background check, credit check, and criminal check.

Swanton, Vermont Border Patrol Sector

The Swanton, Vermont Border Patrol Sector provides law enforcement support for not only entire state of Vermont, but for Essex, Clinton, St. Lawrence, Franklin, and Herkimer Counties of New York and the Grafton and Carroll Counties of New Hampshire, as well.

The Swanton Sector spans more than 24,000 square miles and 261 miles of International Boundary. This Sector is located between the Buffalo Sector and the Houlton Sector and is adjacent to Quebec and Ontario.

The eight Border Patrol Stations of the Swanton Sector include:

  • Ogdensburg Station
  • Massena Station
  • Burke Station
  • Champlain Station
  • Swanton Station
  • Richford Station
  • Newport Station
  • Beecher Falls Station

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