Border Patrol Jobs in Spokane, Washington

The Spokane, Washington Sector is a significant jurisdiction for U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), and has experienced increased activity in recent years.  The latest involved the seizure of about 80 pounds of cocaine (with a value of $801,020) and the arrest of two Canadian citizens and one Mexican National in May 2012. The arrests and seizure were a direct result of the coordinated efforts between Border Patrol Agents and Air Interdiction Agents out of the Spokane border sector.

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The Spokane Sector of the CBP is charged with protecting our nation’s borders by deterring, detecting, and apprehending terrorists and terrorist weapons and by enforcing all laws related to transnational threats.

The Spokane, Washington Sector of the CBP, which supported 201 Border Patrol jobs in FY2011, was responsible for 270 apprehensions during this time.

Job Requirements in the Spokane, Washington Border Patrol Sector

Border Patrol Pilots (Air Interdiction Agents) in the Spokane Sector fly in support of the area’s Border Patrol Agents. The U.S. Border Patrol’s Spokane Sector Air component, which is now known as CBP Air, has played a critical role in the apprehension of illegal aliens and the seizure of contraband. In particular, pilots in the Spokane sector assist the Border Patrol and other agencies that are in search of marijuana growing operations in the summer and fall months. They also assist agencies when locating escaped fugitives or fleeing suspects.

Border Patrol Agents: Border patrol agent jobs involve preventing terrorists, terrorist weapons, and undocumented aliens from entering the country, and apprehending people who break immigration and customs laws.

CBP Air Interdiction Agents: CBP Air Interdiction Agents detect, monitor, intercept, and track the illegal movement of people, drugs, and other contraband. There are about 1,200 Air Interdiction Agents with the CBP who operate a fleet of 258 aircraft.

Although job requirements will vary widely based on the specific position, there are a number of basic requirements that all candidates must meet to be eligible for CBP education and training programs so as to ultimately secure careers with the CBP:

  • Possess U.S. Citizenship
  • Show proof of U.S. Residency
  • Hold a valid U.S. driver’s license
  • Pass a fitness test, polygraph test, background check, criminal check and credit check

Spokane, Washington, Border Patrol Sector

The Spokane, Washington Border Patrol sector covers east of the Pacific Crest Trail in Washington’s Cascade Mountain Range, as well as north of the Salmon River in Idaho and west of the Continental Divide in Montana’s Rocky Mountain Range. Overall, the Spokane Sector spans more 135,000 square miles, with about 300 miles of that being the International Boundary.

The Border Patrol Stations covered by the Spokane Sector include:

  • Bonners Ferry Station
  • Colville Station
  • Curlew Station
  • Eureka Station
  • Metaline Falls Station
  • Oroville Station
  • Whitefish Station

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