Border Patrol Jobs at the Peace Bridge, New York

The Peace Bridge, New York, is a major bridge that accommodates more than $40 billion in trade every year, making it the second busiest border crossing between the United States and Canada. Border Patrol jobs, through the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and under the Department of Homeland Security, include preventing terrorists, terroristic weapons and undocumented aliens from entering the United States.

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The importance of Border Patrol agent jobs cannot be understated, as these professionals are charged with apprehending people in violation of immigration laws. With more than 4.7 motor vehicles using the Peace Bridge in 2011 alone, the need for U.S. Border Patrol officers has never been more important or more significant.

The Peace Bridge, New York, is part of the Northern Border section of Buffalo, which employed 311 Border Patrol officers in FY2011, an increase from 289 in FY2009.

Border Patrol Requirements at the Peace Bridge, New York

There are a number of strict Border Patrol requirements for those seeking careers at the Peace Bridge, New York. In particular, to achieve a career in the U.S. Border Patrol, candidates must: be U.S. citizens; hold residency in the United States are at least 3 years; and be no more than 40 years old with no domestic violence convictions.

Additional Border Patrol requirements include: passing a drug test; passing a background and criminal history check; passing a fitness test; and completing a two-part examination.

Border Patrol officers receive a number of federal government benefits with employment, including: a 401K plan; health insurance benefits; and life insurance benefits. Further, Border Patrol officers are hired at one of the following levels:

  • GL-5 ($38,619)
  • GL-7 ($43,964)
  • GL-9 ($49,029)

Peace Bridge, New York Port of Entry

The Peace Bridge, New York, is a toll crossing in the Niagara River region is 3,580 feet in length and is 36 feet wide with two, six-foot pedestrian sidewalks on either side. The Peace Bridge consists of three lanes that are capable of handling heavy-duty commercial

This international bridge and Port of Entry connects Buffalo, New York, with Fort Erie, Ontario. Fort Erie is one of the fastest growing cities in Niagara, while Buffalo is the second most populous city in New York.