Border Patrol Jobs in Chateaugay, New York

The historic town of Chateaugay, New York operates a twenty-four hour Port of Entry. While relatively quiet itself, the Chateaugay Port is considered part of the Customs and Border Protection’s important Swanton sector, which stretches across 24,000 square miles and includes over 260 miles of international boundary. During fiscal year 2011, agents in the Swanton sector performed over 800 apprehensions of unauthorized immigrants, part of a grand total of over 7,500 such apprehensions along the northern border. In addition, over seven thousand pounds of marijuana was seized by agents in the Swanton sector, as well as nearly thirty pounds of cocaine.

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Careers with Customs and Border Protection in Chateugay, NY

Until 1957 Chateaugay boasted its own Border Patrol Station, but the closest station is currently located in Burke, New York, about fifty miles south of the Canadian city of Montreal. While Border Patrol jobs in Chateaugay, New York will vary, the following positions may be available:

Border Patrol AgentBorder Patrol Agents work to keep harmful people and property out of America’s borders, particularly terrorists and their weapons, while at the same time working to ensure an unfettered flow of authorized people and goods.  New hires must complete a 58-day paid training in Mexico, with an additional 40 days for those who do not already speak Spanish.

While Border Patrol Agents ultimately have a rewarding role to play in keeping our country safe, these jobs can also involve long hours, inclement weather, and demanding physical tasks. As a result, prospective agents are required to pass a battery of physical fitness and drug tests, in addition to background checks.

According to the New York Department of Labor, jobs for Detective and Criminal Investigators (of which Immigrations and Customs Inspectors are a part) earned a median annual salary of almost $80,000 in 2011, with an median hourly wage of roughly $38. Such positions are forecast to rise 4% between 2008 and 2018, better than the national average.

Agriculture SpecialistsThe Customs and Border Protections Agricultural Specialists work to keep America’s economy, crops, livestock, and people safe by preventing the spread of disease and apprehending weapons of agro-terrorism. They may perform assessments of agricultural or commercial goods, consult in technical roles, or help to clean up contaminated goods.

Other Border Patrol Jobs in Chateaugay, New York

  • Customs and Border Protection Officer (CBPO)
  • Import Specialist
  • Canine Enforcement Officer
  • Air or Marine Interdiction Agents
  • Positions in operational and mission support roles, such as research specialists, IT officers, management and budget analysis

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