Border Patrol Jobs in Cannon Corners, New York

The Cannon Corners, New York border crossing is home to a newly revitalized facility located on State Route 10 just across the border from Covey Hall, Quebec. The crossing’s inspection facility received a major facelift starting in 2010, which saw all buildings replaced with new constructions and equipped with state-of-the art inspection technology.

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The Cannon Corners Port of Entry is part of the Customs and Border Protection’s Swanton sector, which during fiscal year 2011 was staffed by more than three hundred agents. During 2011, the agents in the Swanton sector apprehended more than eight hundred undocumented immigrants and seized over seven thousand pounds of marijuana, as well as almost thirty pounds of cocaine. The importance of the Cannon Corners crossing looks likely to increase, as trade between the United States and Canada (the world’s two largest trading partners) is expected to grow in the coming years. Currently, ninety percent of the Canadian population lives within a hundred miles of the border with the United States, and 22% of the value of all trade with Canada comes through New York.

Career Paths with Customs and Border Protection in Cannon Corners, NY

While positions with Customs and Border Protection may be strenuous—sometimes involving long hours and unpleasant weather conditions—they are an essential part of keeping the nation’s people and property safe. A variety of Border Patrol jobs in Cannon Corners may be available, including the following:

Border Patrol Agents work to detect and prevent terrorists, weapons, unauthorized immigrants, and illegal drugs from entering the nation’s borders. The work involves familiarity with firearms, dogs, and the Spanish language. Prospective applicants must not be forty years or older (exceptions exist for veterans), must be United States citizens and residents, possess a drivers’ license, and meet other criteria. Applicants are subject to an assortment of exams that test their physical, mental, and moral fitness for the job. Once hired, agents undergo paid training in New Mexico, with additional training for those who do not speak Spanish.

CBP Agriculture Specialists safeguard America’s livestock, crops, and economy by detecting and intercepting pests, invasive species, weapons of agro-terrorism, and prohibited or contaminated fruits, vegetables, and other products. Agriculture Specialists may also act as technical consultants in the analysis of agricultural or commercial commodities. Applicants generally have a background in the natural sciences, particular biology, plant pathology, or entomology.

Other Border Patrol jobs in Cannon Corners, New York that may be available include:

  • Customs and Border Protection Officer (CBPO)
  • Import Specialist
  • K-9 Enforcement Officer
  • Air or Marine Interdiction Agent
  • Intelligence Research Specialist
  • Contract Specialist
  • Other Operational or Mission Support roles

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