Border Patrol Jobs in Rouses Point, New York

The village of Rouses Point, New York contains one of the seventeen land crossings the state shares with Quebec. Today this small crossing is primarily used by local residents, although it was historically one of more bustling local border stations before the construction of Interstate 87 and addition of the now-bustling Champlain border station. Only a 45-minute drive away from Montreal, during its history Rouses Point has been a pit stop on the Underground Railroad, a destination for rum-runners during Prohibition, and a photo opportunity for American presidents, as well as visiting British royalty.

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Although the rum-running has died down, the trafficking of terrorists and weapons from Canada remains a concern. Border Patrol Agents apprehended over six thousand undocumented immigrants along the northern border in fiscal 2011, including 815 in the sector surrounding Rouses Point. Because of the proximity to Lake Champlain, Border Patrol Agents at Rouses Point frequently work alongside other agencies to manage and direct the thousands of recreational and commercial boaters who cross over from Canada.

Border Patrol Careers with Customs and Border Protection in Rouses Point

Rouses Point is the site of the original Border Patrol station in the area, but has since become a quieter station. Some of the Border Patrol jobs that may be available in Rouses Point, New York, include:

Border Patrol Agent – Border Patrol Agents are on the front lines of protecting the nation’s homeland from terrorists and their weapons, as well as illegal drugs and other types of smuggling. Over 21,000 Border Patrol Agents guarded the United States borders during fiscal 2011, including over three hundred in the sector around Rouses Point. To become a Border Patrol Agent, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be U.S. citizens and residents
  • Be free of domestic violence convictions
  • Possess a valid driver’s license
  • Must not be aged forty or older by the time of hiring (exceptions exist for veterans of the military)
  • Pass medical, fitness, background, and other tests

All Border Patrol Agents undergo nineteen weeks of paid training, with additional study for those who do not speak Spanish.

Marine Interdiction AgentDuring fiscal 2011, the CBP employed over 350 Marine Interdiction Agents throughout the nation. These agents patrol the waterways with Canada and along the shoreline to prevent entry of terrorists, weapons, illegal narcotics, human smuggling, and other threats. Marine Interdiction Agents may also assist other federal agencies in disaster response, and during major events that require enhances security (such as the Olympics). Prospective Marine Interdiction Agents must be U.S. citizens, pass background checks and fitness exams, apply before the age of forty, and meet other criteria.

Import SpecialistThe task of a CBP Import Specialist is to analyze, appraise, and categorize all types of cargo imported into the United States. Like other Border Patrol Agents, applicants must be American citizens and residents, and pass background checks, drug tests, and other exams. They must also possess a bachelor’s degree in an import-related area of study, such as business or economics, or have three years of related on-the-job experience.

Canine HandlerCBP Canine Handlers work alongside specially-trained dogs to detect concealed humans, narcotics, currency, explosives, and prohibited or tainted plant and animal goods. Some may also conduct search and rescue missions. Applicants must be U.S. citizens, have some related experience, pass background investigations and other exams, and receive paid training.

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