Border Patrol Jobs in Mooers, New York

The border crossing in Mooers, New York is located along Route 22, and connects the town to Hemmingford, Quebec. The Mooers border inspection facility is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and is classified as a Class A Port of Entry, which means it is a designated Port of Entry for all non-American citizens. The Mooers crossing is part of the Customs and Border Protection agency’s Swanton sector, which during fiscal year 2011 employed roughly three hundred Border Patrol Agents.

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The agricultural setting of Mooers, New York means that Customs and Border Protection Agriculture Specialists are of prime importance. Agriculture Specialists generally come from a background studying the natural sciences, and use their scientific and technical expertise to detect and prevent threats to the nation’s plants, animals, and economy. They routinely inspect millions of pounds of agricultural and commercial commodities, test goods they find suspicious, and in some cases help to treat or clean up contaminated items. They may also serve as technical consultants on anti-smuggling and other operations.

Border Patrol Career Paths in Mooers, NY

Some of the Border Patrol jobs that may be available in Mooers, New York include:

Border Patrol Agent –This demanding yet rewarding job is only available to American citizens and residents not yet forty years of age (exceptions are made for veterans of the military). Roughly 20,000 highly-trained Border Patrol Agents work to keep our borders safe from terrorists, weapons, unauthorized immigrants, and illegal narcotics. Prospective applicants must take a range of tests that analyze their current fitness, medical background, mental aptitude, and other traits. Successful hires undergo paid training in New Mexico, including instruction in Spanish for those who do not speak the language.

Canine HandlerThe CBP utilizes more than a thousand specially-trained dogs who are taught to respond to the scent of concealed humans, controlled substances, explosives, firearms, and large amounts of currency (the dogs “sit” when encountering a suspicious odor). Some canines also perform search and rescue operations or are used by agricultural specialists. Handlers are trained in interpreting the dog’s signals and in working with them on the proper procedures for search, detection, and interacting with travelers. A well-integrated canine and human team is often considerably more effective than either would be on their own. Handlers undergo specialized, paid training.

Other Border Patrol employment options in Mooers, New York may include the following:

  • Air Interdiction Agents
  • Marine Interdiction Agent
  • Work in a CBP revenue position, such as an Import Specialist
  • Operational Support Position
  • Mission Support Position

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