Border Patrol Jobs in Rooseveltown, New York

The United States Customs and Border Protection station in Rooseveltown, New York offers the potential to work in an exciting and dynamic area of the country. Rooseveltown is the home to the Roosevelt Bridge and is a hamlet in the town of Massena. Located on the northern tip of New York state, the border crossing station shares a border with the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec. While considered a part of the larger Buffalo, New York sector of border crossings, the Rooseveltown station is within 100 miles of Montreal (the second largest city in Canada) and Ottawa (Canada’s capitol city.)

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Being located near big cities makes the Rooseveltown border station a busy corridor for drug trafficking and illegal immigration. Also, since the Rooseveltown/ Canada border is separated by a river, agents at the station also get to work with local police enforcement in regards to policing of the waterway and other areas within a certain radius of the station.

Careers at the Rooseveltown Border Crossing Station

The combination of being located near the water, as well as in a rural area, means that agents are usually asked to perform various tasks- many of which would not be available to agents at other border crossing stations around the country. The following is a list of the most common border patrol jobs in Rooseveltown, NY.

Border Agent – The border agent is responsible for overseeing cars and pedestrians passing through the station. These agents will interview people crossing the border and review various documents, such as passports, birth certificates and identification cards, among many other things.

Marine Interdiction Agents – These agents are mostly responsible for roaming the waterways and looking for any suspicious activities (such as drug smugglers and illgela immigrants.) Marine Interdiction Agents are also occasionally asked to aid in police investigations and apprehension of suspects that may try to flee the police via crossing the border.

Import Specialists – This position required agents to work with international shipping companies, shipping boat captains and crews and other entities attempting to ship items across the border to Canada or the United States.

Agriculture Specialists – The role of the Agriculture Specialist is unique because it combines science with law enforcement. The duties of this position require the inspection of fruits, vegetables and other items in order to determine whether or not they will be harmful to the agricultural balance of the United States. Certain items can cause much harm to the state of agriculture in the country and can wreak havoc in numerous ways, which is why this role is so important.

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