Border Patrol Jobs in Champlain, New York

Located on the Interstate 87/Autoroute 15 corridor, the Port of Entry in Champlain, New York is a major link between the United States and Canada, connecting America’s largest metropolitan area (New York City) with Canada’s second-largest metro area (Montreal, Quebec).

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The Champlain/Lacolle border station ranks as the sixth most traveled commercial crossing and 11th most used passenger crossing anywhere on the US/Canadian border, with more than $14 billion in annual trade passing through. The crossing serves an average of 15,000 commercial vehicles and two million travelers each year (accounting for traffic in each direction). The importance of the Champlain border crossing is likely to only increase in the coming years, as trade between the United States and Canada is forecast to grow average of four to seven percent annually until 2015.

The Champlain border station moved to its current station (two miles south of the Champlain Port of Entry) in 1989. The station is open twenty-four hours, and is classified as a Service Port, meaning that it can perform the entire range of cargo processing duties, including inspections, collections, entry, and verification. Part of the Swanton sector, the Champlain station is responsible for monitoring 29 miles of international border with Canada.

Border Patrol Careers with Customs and Border Protection in Champlain, NY

Positions with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Protection (CBP) may be challenging, involving extensive overtime, demanding tasks, and work in less-than-perfect weather. However, Border Patrol workers also enjoy the satisfaction of knowing they are helping to protect their nation’s land and inhabitants. Some of the Border Patrol jobs in Champlain, New York that may be available include:

Border Patrol Agent – Border Patrol Agents are on the frontlines of protecting America from terrorists, weapons, narcotics, and illegal immigrants. Agents command border stations, perform traffic checks, respond to surveillance, conduct anti-smuggling activities, and undertake other duties. Because it is necessary for Customs and Border Protection to recruit only the most qualified candidates, prospective Border Patrol agents are subject to medical and fitness exams, drug tests, background checks, and other requirements.

Once hired, agents undergo several weeks of paid training in New Mexico, with additional training for those who don’t speak Spanish. All Border Patrol Agents must be American citizens and residents, have a drivers license, not be forty years old or older (exceptions apply for veterans), not have domestic violence convictions, and meet other criteria.

Other Border Patrol Jobs in Champlain, New York

  • CBP Officer
  • Air Interdiction Agent
  • Marine Interdiction Agent
  • Agricultural Specialist
  • Intelligence Research Specialist
  • Canine Enforcement Officer
  • Import Specialist
  • Positions in other operational and mission support roles

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