Border Patrol Jobs in Willow Creek, Montana

The Willow Creek, Montana, border crossing is part of the Havre Sector, which supported 213 Border Patrol jobs as of 2011, an increase from 156 in 2009. This Border Patrol sector, which is overseen by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and under the umbrella of the larger U.S. Department of Homeland Security, was responsible for 270 apprehensions in 2011.

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The Havre Sector, which also provides CBP support to Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, spans from the Montana-North Dakota border to the Continental Divide. This sector encompasses about 456 miles of international border in total.

Border Patrol Careers in Willow Creek, Montana

Border Patrol job requirements for the Willow Creek border crossing are similar to those around the country, as this federal government agency demands the highest level of relevant education and training for border patrol agents and customs officers.

All Border Patrol professionals must be a U.S. citizen and all must have U.S. residency. Border Patrol Agent jobs include being under the age of 40 (unless the candidate falls under Veteran status) and passing a rigorous physical fitness test, and all CBP jobs require agents who can speak Spanish or quickly learn the language.

All CBP professionals must undergo extensive background checks, including criminal and credit checks, and financial debts, convictions, and current and past arrests, including those of domestic violence, may affect a candidate’s ability to secure a Border Patrol job with the CBP.

Job opportunities at the Willow Creek border crossing likely include either a Border Patrol Agent or a CBP officer. CBP officers have full law enforcement powers to make arrests and detain individuals, while Border Patrol agents are trained to detect and apprehend illegal aliens attempting to gain entry into the United States.

Willow Creek Port of Entry

The Willow Creek Port of Entry is open 9AM-5PM, seven days a week. The Willow Creek Port of Entry is actually a Permit Port, which means that all cargo passing through this area must be approved in advanced by the Great Falls Service Port.

The Willow Creek Service Port is overseen by the Seattle Field Operations Office.

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