Border Patrol Jobs in Whitlash, Montana

The Port of Entry in Whitlash, Montana links the northern part of the state to the nearby Canadian cities of Medicine Hat, Alberta, Brooks, Alberta, and Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. While this border crossing is relatively peaceful, the federal government anticipates increased activity and has authorized construction of a new port and support facility alongside new parking areas, roadway and infrastructure.

The Whitlash, Montana Port of Entry is part of the Northern border sector, which in fiscal year 2011 employed 2,237 border patrol agents. During 2011 these agents performed 6,123 apprehensions of undocumented immigrant (2,978 from countries other than Mexico), seized 9,472 pounds of marijuana, 212 pounds of cocaine, 779 pounds of ecstasy, 45 ounces of heroine, and 32 pounds of other drugs. Agents also seized 93 firearms, over 4,000 rounds of ammunitions, and almost $5 million in currency.

Border Patrol Job Titles and Requirements in Whitlash, MT

The Border Patrol works to keep our nation safe by protecting its borders from terrorists, weapons, illegal narcotics, and undocumented aliens. While jobs with the Border Patrol can be challenging and rewarding, all applicants must undergo a rigorous screening procedure as well as paid training. Border Patrol jobs in Whitlash, MT may include the following:

Border Patrol Agent – Border Patrol Agents work to detect and apprehend terrorists, illegal immigrants, and smugglers through the use of both human and electronic surveillance. They may maintain traffic checkpoints, conduct transportation checks, perform anti-smuggling investigations, and undertake other duties. They are required to know how to handle firearms, and often work alongside canines. Prospective Border Control Agents must meet the following requirements before beginning formal training and education programs sponsored by the CBP:

  • U.S. citizen or legal resident for at least three years
  • No domestic violence convictions
  • Valid driver’s license
  • No older than 40 years of age (some exceptions are made)
  • Pass the following:
    • Fitness tests
    • Medical exams
    • Drug tests
    • Entrance exams
    • Background checks
    • Spanish language tests
    • Polygraph tests

Border Patrol jobs involve nineteen weeks of paid training at the Border Patrol Academy in Artesia, New Mexico. Trainees who are not already fluent in Spanish will be given an additional 40 days of language training.

Agriculture Specialists – CBP Agriculture Specialists aim to prevent diseases, non-native species of plants and insects, as well as agro-terrorists from entering the US.

The job duties of an Agricultural Specialist includes:

  • Random checks on luggage
  • Seizing prohibited or contaminated goods
  • Serving as technical consultants for activities related to agricultural or commercial commodities

Agricultural Specialists are also involved in the treatment and disinfection of agricultural commodities or materials.

Like other Border Patrol Agents, Agriculture Specialists must medical examinations, drug tests, and criminal background checks so as to be granted higher levels of security clearance.

Other Border Patrol Jobs in Whitlash, MT

In addition to the positions above, prospective Border Patrol professionals can secure jobs in Whitlash working  in operational and mission support roles.

Operational support titles in Whitlash may include:

  • Intelligence Research Specialists
  • Sector Enforcement Specialists
  • CBP Technicians
  • Paralegals

Mission support positions in Whitlash include:

  • Budget Analysts
  • Contract Specialists
  • Security Specialists
  • Management Analysts
  • IT Specialists
  • Purchasing Agents
  • Human Resource Specialists

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