Border Patrol Jobs in Eureka, Montana

Eureka, Montana is home to a Border Patrol Station under the control of the Customs and Border Protection Unit of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The Eureka Border Patrol Station is within the Spokane Sector. Border Patrol Jobs in Eureka, Montana involve patrolling 50 miles of international border with Canada in Lincoln County, Montana from Bonners Ferry, Idaho, to the Ten Lakes Scenic Area northeast of Eureka. A new, larger and expanded Border Patrol Station facility was built in Eureka and opened in 2009.

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Border Crimes in Eureka, Montana

As Eureka, Montana’s Border Patrol Station is fairly young compared to the age of other Border Patrol Stations across the United States, not as many border crimes have been reported there. However, Border Patrol Agents at the Eureka Border Patrol Station did make news in 2010 when they served an immigration detainer to law enforcement officials in Lincoln County to arrange for the eventual removal and deportation of an illegal alien, now a Eureka resident in 2010, who had entered the U.S. unlawfully from Canada in 1996.

Border Crossings in Eureka, Montana

Eureka, Montana is home to the Roosville Port of Entry. At this Port of Entry, CBP Officers accept for inspection items and vehicles that are coming into the United States as well as process passengers and immigrants entering the U.S.

Border Patrol Job Titles in Eureka, Montana

Eureka’s Border Patrol Station employs Border Patrol Agents, CBP Officers and other types of job titles falling under the jurisdiction of the CBP. Other job titles that may be available in the Eureka Border Patrol Station in Montana include:

Supervisory Border Patrol Agent: The Supervisory Border Patrol Agent meets specialized training and education requirements to work with Border Patrol Agents in screening those entering the country, seizing illegal goods entering the country, and being on alert for terrorist activities. In addition, the Supervisory Border Patrol Agent serves as a secondary law enforcement officer, directing Border Patrol Agents in the performance of their duties, enforcing Immigration and Nationality laws, and managing activities at the Border Patrol Station that are designed to prevent the illegal entry of persons and goods into the United States.

The Eureka Border Patrol’s location also makes the employ of Air Interdiction Agents and CBP Pilots necessary in the area. These professionals are trained to patrol the skies over Eureka’s jurisdiction, making sure that terrorists and illegal aliens and goods do not enter the United States.