Border Patrol Jobs in Saint Zacharie, Maine

Once on the chopping block, Border Patrol jobs in Saint Zacharie are again in demand. Careers available include Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Officers and Border Patrol Agents. Border Agents are located far from any major cities at this outpost, and therefore the more training an agent has the better. Medical attention and backup are miles away so it is imperative that Border Agents know the correct procedures for dealing with tough situations. However as often happens in remote regions, the local people know and watch out for everyone, and anything suspicious is immediately taken note of.

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The Border post in Sainte Zacharie, Maine is in a sparsely populated area. In an old federal program, residents and businesses in remote border regions between the U.S. and Canada could apply for special permits that allowed them to cross the border on private roads with no border patrol station. Mainly these crossing were used by the timber industry including lumberjacks, sawmills and pulp mills. Then came the attacks of September 11th, 2011 and the special permit program was ordered to be ended.

An old federal law was cited that said all incoming traffic into the United States must be subject to inspection. The result of this proposed closure would have been devastating to the local residents and business, so a committee was formed to be the go-between with the local people and the federal government. The result was a compromise: most private-road crossings would remain open, but only for select hours, and Border Agents would be stationed at these crossings.

Border Patrol Careers in Saint Zacharie

CBP Officers play a vital role at this border crossing just as they do at every border crossing: they check to make sure pedestrians, as well as private and commercial vehicles crossing the border into the United States are in compliance with the laws and regulations of this country. That means keeping out illegal drugs and weapons, as well as harmful plants, animals, and pests.

To begin CBP training and education for a career as a CBP Officer one must be able to answer the following questions in the affirmative:

  • Have you been a U.S. citizen for at least three years?
  • Are you younger than 40 (with exceptions for some military or law-enforcement)?
  • Can you pass a drug and polygraph test?
  • Are you free from any domestic violence convictions?
  • Can you pass an extensive background check?
  • Are you looking for a fun and challenging way to provide a service to your country?

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