Border Patrol Jobs in Saint Aurelie, Maine

Border Patrol jobs in Saint Aurelie, Maine focus mainly on Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Officers and Import Specialists. The post is known locally as a “woods port,” referring to the border crossing’s primary function as an entry and exit point for timber trucks. The crossing is limited to people who do not require complex border processing, and is opened for a limited time during the weekdays. The natural beauty of the surrounding environment does not necessarily deter those who try and cross the border illegally or with improper documentation.

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Import Specialists in timber are needed at the Saint Aurelie border crossing because of the relatively large number of timber trucks which use the crossing as a port of entry or exit. The surrounding region is mostly forest and the timber industry and careers in both the United States and Canada rely on the Saint Aurelie port of entry to maintain a smooth flow of commerce.

The Import Specialist will check to ensure proper procedures are followed when importing timber, and that the product has passed required checks to ensure it does not contain any harmful pests such as timber beetles that could damage the forests in the U.S., in turn adversely affecting the timber and outdoor recreation industries. Border patrol jobs in Saint Aurelie are important in keeping the U.S. economy vibrant.

Border Patrol Jobs in Saint Aurelie, Maine: Import Specialist Job Requirements

Part of being an Import Specialist means one must stay abreast of updates and changes in his or her specific area of specialization, as well as with U.S. import/export procedures and laws. Many have the image of an Import Specialist carrying out inspections in the field. Although this is an important part of the job, it is also important to complete paperwork properly in the office. This includes checking cargo manifests and other documents. Import Specialists have the authority to issue penalties and fines, and to seize cargo.

A career as an Import Specialist in Saint Aurelie starts with meeting these training and education requirements:

  • Being a U.S. Citizen
  • A combination of work and education experience which can include
    • At least a Bachelor’s degree in an appropriate area
    • Three years general work experience demonstrating valued skills
  • Being able to work well as a team or alone
  • Being able to successfully complete a background check and drug test

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