Border Patrol Jobs in Saint Juste, Maine

Border Patrol jobs in Saint Juste, Maine are available for Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Officers and Border Patrol Agents. Saint Juste is a relatively small border crossing between Maine and the Province of Quebec, Canada, which has seen, increased traffic since 2003 when its closest neighbor border crossing was closed. CBP Officers are needed to inspect and question commercial and passenger vehicles as well as pedestrians crossing the border. Border Patrol Agents are in demand to patrol the local surrounding which includes the unfenced border, lakes, and forests.

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CBP Officer careers in Saint Juste, Me include working with the close-knit small community of people on both sides of the border. In the year 2001 there was an average of about seven crossings per day, and since 2003 CBP Officers have been responsible for inspecting all who come through the border (registered people used to be able to cross when the post was closed). CBP Officers have to inform people who are not familiar with the new restrictions about the changes, at times dealing with frustrated parties. CBP Officers are responsible for ensuring all proper regulations are followed for those entering the United States, which in turn protects our country from drugs, weapons, agriculture pests, and people without proper documentation.

Protest Aimed to Prevent Saint Juste Crossing From Closing

Border Patrol careers were expanded at Saint Juste with developments which took place in 2002 and 2003. Initially after the 9/11 attacks calls to beef up border crossings meant a program which allowed local residents and business operators to cross the at-times-unmanned border would come to an end. The Saint Juste crossing which received 2,500 crossing in the year 2001 was scheduled to be closed permanently. However because of the amount of protest this raised, a decision was made to instead extend staffing hours at the crossing up to 12 hours per week. However crossings when the border is closed are now forbidden.

Careers as CBP Officers in Saint Juste, Maine

Border Patrol jobs in Saint Juste, Me are just as essential for a secure country as anywhere else. To start a career as a CBP Officer one must meet the requirements of the application process before beginning formal CBP training and education. These include:

  • U.S. Citizenship of at least three years
  • Having no domestic violence convictions
  • Successful drug and polygraph test
  • Completion of a thorough background check
  • Being no more than 40 years old (with some exceptions for law-enforcement and military)
  • Possess a valid driver’s license

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