Border Patrol Jobs in Maine

Border patrol jobs and U.S. Customs careers in Maine are under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Protection (CBP). The Houlton Sector is responsible for ensuring the security of the entire state of Maine and the northeast corner of the U.S. border with Canada.

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The state of Maine is quite diverse in its terrain, with remote, mountainous, forested areas as well as lakes and rivers and swampy areas. These features make border patrol jobs in Maine quite challenging, as employees strive to detect and prevent terrorist acts, as well as detect and prevent illegal persons and goods from entering the United States.

The following border crimes were reported by the CBP for Fiscal Year 2011 in Maine:

  • Apprehensions:  41
  • Marijuana seized:  171.10 pounds

Border Patrol Requirements and Job Titles in Maine

213 Border Patrol Agents worked in the Houlton, Maine Sector in Fiscal Year 2011. If you would like to become one of the valuable men and women who serve as Border Patrol Agents or CBP Officers in Maine, job duties and training requirements are listed below.

Border Patrol Agent: The Border Patrol Agent in Maine is on the front lines of protecting the borders of the United States with Canada. Besides looking for illegal persons and goods trying to enter the U.S. , the Border Patrol Agent must be alert to any suspected terrorist activities. Requirements for this job include:

  • U.S. citizenship
  • Hold a valid driver’s license
  • Be under age 40 when you apply
  • Pass a thorough background investigation
  • Pass a drug test
  • Pass a medical exam
  • Pass physical fitness tests
  • Pass an entrance exam

CBP Officer:  This position is a step above that of Border Patrol Agent. The CBP Officer may serve warrants, search, and arrest, just as any other law enforcement officer may do. Anti-terrorism surveillance is among the job duties of this position, as well as preventing human and weapons trafficking, drug trafficking, and money laundering operations at the border. In order to become a CBP Officer, you must meet all of the requirements for Border Patrol Agent, plus:

  • Possess three years of general experience (for a GS-5 level position) or one year  of specialized experience(for a GS-7 level position)
  • A bachelor’s degree may be substituted for the three years of general experience required for a GS-5 level position.
  • A combination of education and experience may also be accepted
  • You must be under age 37 when you apply to become a CBP Officer

Border Crossings in Maine

Border crossing stations in Maine include:

  • Van Buren Station –includes 162.6 miles of international border with New Brunswick, Canada and Quebec, Canada. 52 of those miles are land borders and 110 are water boundaries including the St. Francis River, St. John River, Glazier Lake, and Beau Lake
  • Calais Station – encompasses 68.2 miles of international border with Canada and 196.6 miles of coastline, including many swamps and hills
  • Rangeley Station – includes 81 miles of remote, mountainous land border with Canada
  • Fort Fairfield Station – includes 58.5 miles of international border with Canada on the east (Maine’s border with New Brunswick) and west (Maine’s border with Quebec)
  • Jackman Station –encompasses 103 miles of mountainous and heavily wooded international border with Canada
  • Houlton Station – includes 137.8 miles of international border with New Brunswick, Canada, 98 miles of which are water boundary

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