Border Patrol Jobs in Fort Fairfield, Maine

Border Patrol jobs in Fort Fairfield, Maine are centered around the border station across the way from the farm fields of New Brunswick and the small town of Perth-Andover. Careers for Border Patrol Agents and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Officers are needed at this location. CBP Officers inspect and question traffic entering the United States from Canada, ensuring the proper procedures and rules are followed. Border Patrol Agents are responsible for patrolling 3,000 square miles of territory, including about 60 miles on the borderline.

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Fort Fairfield recently opened a new $6.5 million border station in 2010 across the street from its old facilities. The new building has much more space and a landing zone for a helicopter. Up to 50 Border Agents can be accommodated, a dramatic increase from the previous station, with additional space to hold and process detainees. Since the September 11th attacks funding for such building projects has become more easily available, with additional amounts of the budget being reserved to hire more Border Agents in general. Border Patrol jobs in Fort Fairfield are only increasing in demand.

Border Patrol Agents in Fort Fairfield

Border Patrol Agents play a crucial role in keeping America safe and helping those in need. Agents do everything from intercepting smugglers, to participating in search and rescue operations, to assisting local law enforcement officials. At the Fairfield Station, a career as a Border Patrol Agents will mean conducting surveillance flights in the station’s helicopter, going on foot patrols of the border line when the weather is fair, and in adverse weather conditions operating ATVs and snowmobiles. There are even occasions to strap on the station’s snow shoes. Border Patrol Agents must take care in this area of Maine; while on patrol there is always the chance of running into a wild bear or moose.

Border Patrol Agent Job Requirements

Before beginning the education and training component of the hiring process, prospective border patrol and customs agents must meet the following requirements:

  • Undergo a thorough background check
  • Be willing to work alone or in teams
  • Adhere to grooming and dress requirements
  • Be able to operate a variety of motor vehicles
  • Pass a physical exam
  • Maintain self-control and composure under extremely stressful conditions
  • Be willing to work on operation details for extended periods of time
  • Be willing to maintain, carry, and use a firearm

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