Border Patrol Jobs in Forest City, Maine

The Forest City, Maine, Port of Entry, like many other ports across the United States, is set to be modernized, updated and enhanced, thanks to the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act of 2009. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has proposed a facility at the Forest City Port of Entry that will include a four-lane access road and an updated infrastructure, thereby helping to deter illegal activity and facilitate legal traffic flow. The estimated cost of the project is $8 million.

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Forest City Port of Entry

The Forest City Port of Entry is separated from its Canadian sister city, Forest City, New Brunswick, by the St. Croix River. Both cities have a combined, year-round population of just 15 people.

The Forest City, Maine, Class B Port of Entry has operation hours of 8:00AM to 7:00PM, seven days a week.

The Forest City Port of Entry is part of the Houlton Border Patrol Sector, which also covers the entire state of Maine. The Houlton Border Patrol Sector was responsible for 201 Border Patrol jobs in FY2011, and the CBP professionals here were responsible for 41 apprehensions during the same time.

Border Patrol Jobs in the Forest City, Maine, Port of Entry

Given the location of the Forest City Port of Entry, it is likely that the following Border Patrol jobs found there include:

  • Border Patrol Agents
  • CBP Officers
  • Canine Field Coordinator
  • Air and Marine Interdiction Agents

CBP Officers, who are stationed at ports of entry, ensure that all individuals passing into the United States are legal and that all customs and navigations laws are adhered to, while Border Patrol Agents are generally assigned work at or near the border. These CBP professionals are trained to detect, deter, and apprehend terrorists, illegal aliens, and those attempting to smuggle illegal aliens or contraband.

All Border Patrol jobs with the CBP come with strict employment requirements that must be met before beginning field training exercises. In particular, all individuals applying for Border Patrol jobs must be U.S. citizens and they must be able to show proof of at least 3 years of U.S. residency. All candidates must also possess a valid U.S. driver’s license, and all individuals must either be fluent in Spanish or able to learn the Spanish language.

In addition, the CBP runs thorough background and credit checks on candidates for employment, and all individuals must be able to pass fitness tests and medical exams to be considered for a job with the CBP.

About Forest City, Maine

Forest City is a small town in Washington County, Maine. In addition to the Border Crossing found here, Forest City is best known for its small water control dam on the Chiputneticook Lakes.

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