Border Patrol Jobs in Limestone, Maine

Border Patrol jobs in Limestone, Maine will be centered around the Limestone Station, open since 1934 and originally built on a 1.3 acre plot of land purchased by the federal government for $500. Located in the north-eastern portion of Maine, the population of Limestone was 1,075 in the 2010 census. The town lies across the border from the Canadian Province of New Brunswick.

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Border Patrol jobs in Limestone consist of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Officers, Border Patrol Agents, and Air Interdiction Agents who have satisfied rigorous training and procedural education requirements. Normal duties include inspecting and questioning traffic which passes through the station, conducted by CBP Officers, and line-watch patrol along the miles of wilderness border, conducted by Border Patrol Agents.

Smuggling is as Old as the Border Itself

In a scenic and quite place such as Limestone, Me, one might think Border Agents might become soft from relaxing careers, but unfortunately the border is not always as quiet as it looks. CBP Officers must maintain a constant vigilance for people trying to break the law by committing any number of border crimes. Recently thanks to the persistence of a Limestone CBP Officer, in 2012 a man was charged and later convicted for trying to smuggle 200 Oxycodone pills across the border hidden in two baby bottles concealed in the man’s pants.

Often times CBP Officers also prevent accidental violations, such as when people inadvertently carry legal drugs in Canada which are illegal without a prescription in the U.S., or when someone forgets about some fruits or vegetables in their trunk that could be carrying harmful agricultural pests. In 2004 the Limestone Station became eligible to be listed in the National Register for Historic Places.

Air Interdiction Agents in Limestone, Maine

A career as an Air Interdiction Agent includes the detection, monitoring, tracking, and interception of suspect vehicles or persons involved in the illegal movement of drugs, aliens, and other banned substances through transit, source, and arrival zones. Pilots are responsible for flying a variety of aircraft including different models of airplane and helicopter. Air Interdiction Agents may also be called to assist with other emergency service or law-enforcement officials, such as search and rescue missions or backup. Recently a military installation near the Limestone Station noticed one of its Humvee’s had been stolen during the night and Air Interdiction Agents were assigned to search for the missing vehicle from the air.

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