Border Patrol Jobs in Coburn Gore, Maine

Coburn Gore, Maine consists of a border crossing post, a gas station, and a general store. Besides these it is surrounded by forest with nearby streams and swamps. Ideal for people who enjoy the outdoors and smell of fresh air, it is also an ideal environment to slip through the unfenced border between the United States and Canada. For this reason Border Patrol jobs in Coburn Gore, Me include Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Officers as well as Border Patrol Agents. CBP Officers inspect and question passenger and commercial vehicles while Border Patrol Agents patrol the border line on foot in permitting weather, and by snow-mobile in the winter months.

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Ideal for those who enjoy the outdoors, the region has historically proved difficult to traverse as Benedict Arnold would discover when he led his troops through the area about 225 years ago, losing nearly half along the way.

Local Community Involvement in Coburn Gore, ME: CBP Officers

Border Agents make a positive contribution on the border and in the local community. To raise money for the Special Olympics, shortly before the Christmas holiday CBP Officers from the Coburn Gore station participated in a charity drive known as, “Operation Tip a Cop.” This involved CBP Officers volunteering in a local restaurant waiting tables alongside the regular staff. CBP Port Director Timothy Lacasse said of the operation, “Tip a Cop is a great opportunity for law enforcement to come together not only to support a great cause, but also a local business who is a strong supporter of the Special Olympics.”

Border Patrol Jobs in Coburn Gore, ME: CBP Officer Job Requirements

To begin a career as a CBP Officer, one must complete a successful application to be considered for training. Border patrol and customs requirements include:

  • U.S. Citizenship
  • Passing a drug and polygraph test
  • Having a thorough background check
  • Speak or willingness to learn Spanish
  • Being under 40 (with exceptions for those with law-enforcement or military careers)
  • Ability to pass a rigorous physical exam

Additionally, the CBP Officer must be willing to work alone or in a team environment, carry, maintain, and use a firearm, operate a variety of motor vehicles, and may have to work in hazardous situations such as high-speed chases, moving trains, and armed encounters.

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