Border Patrol Jobs in Calais, Maine

The Calais, Maine, Port of Entry, which was originally known as the Calais U.S. Inspection Station, was originally opened in 1935 and still continues to serve as a busy border crossing between the United States and Canada.

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The Calais Port of Entry was deemed eligible for the National Register of Historic Place in 2004, as this site served to address border control issues as early as the mid-20th century and still serves as a strong symbol of the government’s commitment to enforcing both customs laws and immigration policies. The Calais Port of Entry is located in one of the earliest European settlements in North American, according to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

Two new Calais Ports of Entry were constructed in 2010. This 53-acre, $125 million project was designed to provide a larger checkpoint through which commercial vehicles could easily travel. Located on Route 1, just northwest of the Calais Center, the two ports provide state-of-the-art facilities at both the American and Canadian borders. It is estimated that about 57 Border Patrol jobs are held at the Calais Port of Entry.

Calais, Maine, Port of Entry

The Calais Port of Entry serviced 74,000 commercial vehicles and 879,000 passenger vehicles in 2008 alone.  With the larger port of entry now in place, the number of commercial vehicles is expected to significantly increase.

The Calais, Maine, Port of Entry is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for both cars and commercial traffic. This port of entry features three lanes dedicated to the processing of commercial trucks. All have cargo-scanning technology, as well as six bays, where cargo can be unloaded and examined.

The Calais Port of Entry is part of the larger Houlton Border Patrol Sector, which also serves the entire state of Maine. The Houlton Sector has seen a steady increase in Border Patrol jobs there since 2001. As of FY2011, there were 201 Border Patrol jobs found there. During the same year, Border Patrol professionals apprehended 41 individuals and seized more than 170 pounds of marijuana.

Just some of the Border Patrol jobs with specialized training requirements that are found at the Calais, Maine, Port of Entry include:

  • Agricultural Specialists
  • Canine Field Coordinators
  • CBP Officers
  • Border Patrol Agents
  • Marine Interdiction Agents

About Calais, Maine

Calais, Maine, is located along the St. Croix River in Washington County. It shares a border with St. Stephen in New Brunswick, Canada. Calais has about 3,123 year-round residents, although it serves a larger regional population of about 15,000. Calais has long been known as a city of commerce, and many people in Washington County travel there for its retail and service offerings.

The international boundary between St. Stephen and Calais is marked as the St. Croix River, and these cities are connected via the Ferry Point International Bridge, the Milltown International Bridge and the new International Avenue Bridge, which was opened in January 2010.

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