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Border Patrol Jobs in Texas

Because of its vast size, the state of Texas is covered by multiple Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) Sectors of the U. S. Department of Homeland Security. Border patrol jobs in Texas entail preventing illegal aliens, as well as drugs and goods, from crossing the border with Mexico into the United States. Sectors responsible for keeping Texas’ borders safe are the Big Bend Sector, the Del Rio Sector, the El Paso Sector, the Laredo Sector, and the Rio Grande Valley Sector.

The CBP reported the following crimes in Texas sectors in Fiscal Year 2011:

Texas Sector Apprehensions Marijuana Seized - in pounds Cocaine Seized - in pounds
Big Bend403655742.94262.80
Del Rio1614475325.24442.89
El Paso1034543667.19115.56
Rio Grande Valley592431021841.603163.79

Border Patrol Requirements and Job Titles in Texas

The extensive size of the state of Texas means that there are many border patrol jobs that need to be filled in the state. While the majority of these jobs are for Border Patrol Agents and CBP Officers, there are many other positions the CBP hires for in Texas, including:

Intelligence Analyst:  Researching the backgrounds of suspected terrorists and criminals who try to enter the U.S. is the main function of this position. Job requirements include:

  • US Citizenship
  • Knowledge of Spanish (reading, writing and speaking)
  • Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, Business or a related field
  • A year of experience in law enforcement
  • Pass a background check
  • Pass initial and random drug tests

Agriculture Specialist – Inspecting all produce entering the US is one of the main duties of this job.Canines may be used in searching for prohibited items and pests. Job requirements include:

  • US Citizenship
  • Bachelor’s degree with a major in biological sciences , OR
  • Combination of education and experience including  24 semester hours of education in the biological sciences
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Pass a background check
  • Pass initial and random drug tests
  • Pass a medical exam
  • Complete 12 weeks of training in Maryland at the Professional Development Center if hired

Border Crossings in Texas

Border Crossing Stations located in the State of Texas in each CBP sector covering Texas are:

Big Bend Sector Del Rio Sector Rio Grande Valley Sector
Van HornUvaldeHarlingen
AlpineCarrizo SpringsWeslaco
Sierra BlancaRockspringsFort Brown
SandersonSan AngeloKingsville
Big BendComstockRio Grande City
PresidioEagle PassFalfurrias
Fort StocktonBrackettvilleMcAllen
PecosLlanoCorpus Christi
LubbockDel Rio

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