Border Patrol Jobs in Comstock, Texas

If ever there was a border station on the front line of stopping illegal crossings and smuggling, it is the station in Comstock, Texas. Located less than 10 miles from the Rio Grande border with Mexico, this station finds itself in a high-traffic corridor for illegal drugs and people smuggling. The Comstock Station was founded back in 1925, and agents have been pursuing their careers based in the present facilities since 1975.

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The Comstock Station is responsible for 2,400 square miles of territory including 82 miles of river border. Border Agents use a variety of means and methods to interdict, detect, and deter illegal border penetrations, including the use of marine, ground, and air operations, deployment of technology, intelligence collection, and traffic inspections. Border Patrol jobs in Comstock come in a variety of choices. Significantly, the station is located in close proximity to the Amistad Reservoir, a large body of water lying on the U.S.-Mexico border comprising 65,000 surface acres of territory, making this easily-penetrable boundary a focus for agents at the Comstock Station.

CBP Cooperation with Other Law Enforcement in and Around Comstock

The Border Patrol works closely with other law enforcement agencies, including the International Criminal Police Organization (commonly known as INTERPOL) to most-effectively protect America. After tracking a group of undocumented immigrants for some time, Comstock Border Agents detained a man who it turned out was wanted by INTERPOL. After the 9/11 attacks various state and government databases were combined, making it possible to detect international arrest warrants while conducting an initial background check on a suspect. Career Border Agents make a significant difference to the security and prosperity of the United States.

Bags of drugs Just Laying on the Ground is not Uncommon

Border Patrol jobs in Comstock are currently available because of additional funding provided after the September 11th attacks for increased border security and because of the vast amount of territory Border Agents must cover. Comstock is in such a highly trafficked drug lane it is not uncommon to find bags of drugs laying in the desert. Recently while tracking four individuals moving away from the Rio Grande River, agents discovered three sugar sacks containing 166 pounds of marijuana lying near a bush. There is no shortage of Border Patrol careers in Texas.