Border Patrol Jobs in Big Bend, Texas

On March 6, 2012, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Agents in the Big Bend, Texas Border Patrol Sector seized more than 1,000 pounds of marijuana worth more than $869,000.

This incident is just one of the countless reasons why Border Patrol jobs in the Big Bend, Texas Sector demand highly trained and skilled professionals who can meet the demands required for a high–energy career with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

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The massive Big Bend Border Patrol Sector (formerly the Marfa Border Patrol Sector) employs 667 CBP professionals (as of FY2011) and was responsible for a whopping 4,036 apprehensions in FY2011, along with the seizure of nearly 56,000 pounds of marijuana and 262 pounds of cocaine.

The Big Bend Sector has transformed in recent years to adequately meet the challenges of today’s terrorist threats and attempted smuggling of illegal aliens and contraband into the United States. Since 2002, the Big Bend Sector has changed dramatically with the creation of new stations in Alpine, Sierra Blanca, Amarillo, Van Horn, and Sanderson.

Border Patrol Job Requirements in the Big Bend, Texas Border Patrol Sector

Due to the sheer size of the Big Bend, Texas Sector (it includes 77 Texas counties and the entire state of Oklahoma), the CBP likely has a comprehensive number of professionals to handle all border areas from Northern Chihauhua to Coahuila, Mexico, as well as the Port of Entry at Presidio. As such, it is likely to find the following Border Patrol careers represented in the Big Bend Sector:

Border Patrol Agents: Border Patrol Agents must use their skills to detect and apprehend illegal aliens and terrorists and prevent the entrance of contraband, terrorist weapons and other illegal items into the United States.

CBP Officers: CBP officer jobs involve the use of full law enforcement powers to detect, apprehend and detain terrorists and other individuals seeking illegal entry into the United States. Their coordinated efforts with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies help keep drugs and contraband from entering the country.

Agricultural Specialists: Agricultural specialists are trained to prevent the introduction if harmful pests, harmful plant and animal diseases, and biological threats into the United States.

Intelligence Research Specialists: Intelligence research specialist jobs involve providing critical intelligence to help prevent terrorism, drug trafficking, human smuggling, and trade violations. These professionals have experience in law enforcement and military intelligence and generally have a background in foreign affairs or international relations.

Big Bend, Texas, Border Patrol Sector

The Big Bend Border Patrol Sector, which was the Marfia Border Patrol Sector before October 2011, consists of more than 165,000 square miles and 510 miles of river. In fact, the Big Bend Border Sector makes up nearly one quarter of the Southwest Border of the United States.

The Big Bend Sector is responsible for overseeing the following Border Patrol Stations:

  • Alpine Station
  • Amarillo Sub-Station
  • Big Bend Sub-Station
  • Fort Stockton Station
  • Lubbock Station
  • Marfa Station
  • Midland Station
  • Pecos Station
  • Presidio Station
  • Sanderson Station
  • Sierra Blanca Station
  • Van Horn Station

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