Border Patrol Jobs in Cotulla, Texas

The Cotulla border patrol station is a back-up station to one of the nation’s busiest border crossings in Laredo, Texas. Border agents in Cotulla handle the overspill from Laredo, which is located about 70 miles away. Border patrol jobs at the Cotulla border station primarily focus on inspecting freight trains and other large cargo holding vehicles. The Cotulla station has a prime location almost directly in between the major border crossing at Laredo and the major metropolitan area of San Antonio, Texas. The border crossing station is located at the 72.5 mile marker on Interstate 35, which cuts through the state of Texas and is a major shipping route for agricultural products and other goods coming from Mexico.

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Since the Laredo station is often overburdened with vehicle traffic, border agents at Cotulla are responsible for acting as a second line of defense against illegal immigration and the smuggling of drugs and other illegal items and contraband. The border agents at the Cotulla border station is also responsible for monitoring about 6,000 square miles of land in Texas, which is mostly sparsely populated desert land.

The Drug War in Mexico

The last decade has seen a dramatic increase in border crime due to a huge drug war in Mexico between various drug cartels. The drugs that are primarily smuggled across the border into the United States are marijuana, cocaine from South America and crystal amphetamine, which is manufactured in desert labs all around the border- both in Mexico and in the United States. The increased violence just across the border from Texas has lead to huge increases in agents and also much stricter policies. The Cotulla border station has formed an increasingly important and critical collaborative network with local law enforcement and federal agencies.

Jobs Available in Cotulla

Agricultural Specialist: These agents are responsible for inspecting the copious amounts of agricultural goods that are shipped to and from Mexico. The country of Mexico is a huge exporter of chilies, jalapenos, bell peppers and other goods that are popular in the United States. Some large freight trains and trucks have been found to be harboring large amounts of drugs and illegal aliens as well.

Air Interdiction Agents: Since there is so much land to cover, the CBP has employed air drones to help survey the areas of the border that are remote and difficult to reach for agents. These border patrol jobs have become increasingly important in the fight against drug smuggling and illegal immigration.