Border Patrol Jobs in Brackettville, Texas

Since its humble beginnings in World War Two, the Brackettville Station has grown from staffing just a handful of agents to over 100 in present times. Located on the western edge of the town of Brackettville, population about 2,000, the station is responsible for 3,000 square miles of brush and scabland, including over 16 miles of the Rio Grande which serves as the U.S. border with Mexico.

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Brackettville is considered to be on the front line of border smuggling operations and illegal crossings of people, being located just 25 miles from the frontier. The Border Patrol is fully equipped at this station, using vehicles that can go on land, sea, and air in the fight against illegal trafficking and crossings just south of the town.

Border Patrol Agents Bust Marijuana Smuggler in Brackettville

Often times people hear about Border Agents arresting foreigners and illegal aliens in human and drug trafficking operations. As it turns out, in many instances it is U.S. citizens who are trafficking illegal narcotics near the border. In the eyes of Border Agents however, this makes no difference. In June Border Patrol Agents arrested a 29-year-old woman after a routine traffic stop, finding that she was transporting 1,075 pounds of marijuana, worth an estimated $860,000.

Search and Rescue Missions for Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Officers

Border Patrol jobs in Brackettville are in demand because of the many services these agents provide the local community and the country. Border Agents do everything from pilot speedboats to aircraft to horses. Catching drug smugglers and human trafficking operations gets press attention, but Border Agents also give back to their local communities in less-publicized ways.

There are many programs where Border Agents volunteer their time and energy, such as in school programs and food drives. Agents also conduct search and rescue operations. Recently an elderly woman rancher wandered off in the desert at dusk, and the Border Patrol mounted a full-scale search operation. The woman was found the next morning, and Border Agents were able to provide her with first aid until paramedics arrived.

Rewarding CBP Careers in Brackettville

Border Patrol jobs in Brackettville come in many choices for the prospective career-searcher. As a Border Agent there are good days and bad, rewarding and hard times. Overall though, a career as a Border Agent is fulfilling because at the end of the day the Agent knows he or she has served and protected their country, and can see the results of their work at the local level.

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