Border Patrol Jobs in San Angelo, Texas

San Angelo Station Border Agents patrol an area encompassing 17 counties and over 20,000 square miles. Border Patrol jobs in San Angelo are available to help cover this vast amount of responsibility, with careers available for land, sea, and air agents. Agents from this station additionally work in close cooperation with local and state law enforcement, especially on immigration violation issues, which fall under the sole jurisdiction of federal agents. Though inter-agency collaboration is not limited to just these types of cases.

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Border Patrol Air Interdiction Unit Assists with Wildfire in San Angelo

During dry months in Texas wildfires pose a particular problem to residential structures and livestock. Recently an Air Interdiction Unit from the San Angelo Station responded to a call for help from emergency services, launching a Cessna 206 fixed-wing aircraft and an AS-350 helicopter. Lightning strikes from a recent storm had ignited a wildfire, and agents were instructed to provide logistical air reconnaissance intelligence to ground forces, helping them to know how fast the fire was moving and the location of residential structures. Pilot positions are some of the Border Patrol jobs in San Angelo.

San Angelo Station Alerted to Suspicious Airplane

The San Angelo Station does plenty of its own law enforcement too. About a month after the wildfire incident, radar picked up a suspicious aircraft flying to Texas from California. Again, Air Interdiction Agents responded, launching an air asset to pursue the small airplane. Upon landing, agents discovered 86 pounds of marijuana being smuggled in the airplane by the pilot. The Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency operates the world’s largest law enforcement air force. Careers in everything from intelligence specialists to Border Patrol Agents to Mounted Patrols are available at the San Angelo Station.

Qualifying for a Career as a CBP Air Interdiction Pilot

To begin a career as a pilot with the Border Patrol, the applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • U.S. Citizen
  • Pass a thorough background check and FAA physical
  • Possess an FAA valid Commercial Pilot’s License
  • Have a total of 1,500 flight time hours including 100 in the past year (with some exceptions)
  • In most cases must be under 40 years of age
  • Pass a polygraph and drug test