Border Patrol Jobs in Laredo, Texas

Employees of the Laredo Sector of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) of the Department of Homeland Security are responsible for patrolling the southwest border of Texas with Mexico (the Rio Grande River) as well as the Laredo area. Border patrol jobs in Laredo are vital to the security of U.S. Borders, as the Laredo Sector includes 116 counties and 101,439 square miles of northeast and southwest Texas.

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One of the hazards facing those working in the Laredo Sector is Carrizo cane that looks like bamboo and grows along the Rio Grande River. Since 2009, the CBP has targeted Carrizo cane along a 1.1-mile stretch by the Rio Grande, as it prevents Border Patrol Agents from effectively spotting illegal aliens attempting to cross the border into the United States. Methods of removal include cutting the stem of the Carrizo cane then using herbicide on it, as well as mechanical removal of the Carrizo cane’s roots via heavy equipment. This pilot removal project provides other opportunities for border patrol jobs in the Laredo sector.

Border Crimes in Laredo, Texas

CBP statistics state that total apprehensions by border patrol employees for border crimes in the Laredo, Texas sector in Fiscal Year 2011 (Oct 1, 2010 through September 30, 2011) numbered 36,053. The majority (33,392) of those apprehended were adults, while 2661 were juveniles. Almost 30,000 of illegal aliens apprehended that year were from Mexico, while 6922 were from other countries. Border patrol agents in the Laredo sector must also seize drugs and illegal goods and arrest those trying to smuggle humans across the border into the U.S.

Border Crossings in Laredo, Texas

Nine border patrol stations are housed within the Laredo Sector:

  • Zapata Station
  • Freer Station
  • Cotulla Station
  • San Antonio Station
  • Dallas Station
  • Laredo West Station
  • Laredo South Station
  • Laredo North Station
  • Hebbronville Station

Border Patrol Requirements and Job Titles in Laredo, Texas

More than 1870 employees worked in the Laredo Sector as of Fiscal Year 2011, making a total of over $80 million in salaries each year.  Jobs in the Laredo sector may be available for Border Patrol Agents, CBP Officers, Import Specialists and Agriculture Specialists. Some unique job titles for those interested in border patrol jobs in Laredo include:

Intelligence Analyst: This job entails conducting extensive background research on suspected criminals and criminals attempting to enter the United States. U.S. citizenship; a good working knowledge of Spanish; a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, Business or a related field; and one year of experience in law enforcement are the requirements for this position. All applicants must also undergo thorough background checks as well as initial and random drug and alcohol tests.

Field Canine Coordinator: This professional works in a supervisory position managing Transportation Security Specialists of the Explosion Detection Canine Team (EDCT). These professionals manage 30 teams of agents who work with canines, as well as trains and certifies these agents. One must be a U.S. citizen, pass a background check, and be able to obtain Secret Clearance, pass initial and random drug and alcohol tests, and have a year of experience working with explosive-detecting dogs.

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