Border Patrol Jobs in Lubbock, Texas

Border Patrol jobs in Lubbock began with the establishment of the station in 1932. The first Border Agents were assigned to patrol the surrounding area for people who had crossed illegally into the United States from Mexico, working in the new industrial farming area of north-central Texas. Although this area of Texas today has much of the same pull for illegal immigration as it did back then, the front line in illegal immigration and smuggling lies on the actual border between the U.S. and Mexico.

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There has been recent talk of transferring Border Patrol jobs from Lubbock further south, however this would cause additional problems for local and state law enforcement. These agencies rely on the Border Agents in Lubbock to detain illegal aliens stopped by the local law enforcement, who do not have the authority to enforce immigration laws.

Border Agents in Lubbock and its sister station Amarillo are responsible for much of the Texas South Plains and Panhandle, as well as the entire state of Oklahoma, an area totaling 51,633 miles. There are currently around 1.8 million illegal immigrants in Texas, with major trafficking routes extending out from the border through Lubbock.

Everything from people to drugs to weapons pass through Lubbock. To combat this and protect U.S. industries, Border Patrol jobs in Lubbock will be in demand in the long run. By land, sea, or air, Border Agents use the latest technology and talented officers in careers to serve and protect the United States.

Featured Border Patrol Careers in Lubbock: Air Interdiction Agent

To begin a career as an Air Interdiction Agent, the applicant must first be meet the qualifications to be a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Officer. Next the prospective agent will go through a series of tests and training, and if successful can become eligible for a career as an Air Interdiction Agent. Duties include:

  • Detecting, tracking, monitoring, and intercepting individuals involved in illegal trafficking
  • Being able and willing to carry, maintain, and use a firearm
  • Using a variety of tools to assist in successful mission completion, including
  • UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters
  • Astar helicopters
  • C-12, C-210, and long-range P-3 Orion fixed-wing aircraft

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