Border Patrol Jobs in Weslaco, Texas

The Weslaco, Texas, Border Patrol Station, which is part of the larger Rio Grande Valley Sector, is located between McAllen and Harlingen. The primary focus of the Weslaco, Texas, Border Patrol Station is river patrol, as this Station is responsible for more than 40 miles of river. In particular, Border Patrol agents in Weslaco, Texas, are primarily responsible for its area of river boundary, as well as its city patrol in the surrounding cities.

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U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Border Patrol professionals use a number of tools to accomplish their border responsibilities, including 4×4 vehicles, boats, bicycles, horses, and canines.

The Canine Unit of the Weslaco Station

The Weslaco, Texas, Border Station utilizes the services of the Rio Grande Valley Sector Canine Unit, which was created in 1987. There are now about 54 canine teams working throughout the Rio Grande Valley Sector. Field Canine Coordinators and Border Patrol Agents use Belgian Malinois, German Shepherds, and Dutch Shepherds in the Canine Unit. All canines receive extensive training at the National Canine Facility in El Paso, Texas. It is estimated that just 1 in 100 canines that go through the program are good enough to serve on the Rio Grande Valley Sector Canine Unit.

All Border Patrol Agents who work as canine handlers must attend a six-week course in detection canine handling before they are paired with a canine. They must also receive additional maintenance training of 16 hours every month.

Border Patrol Agents and Field Canine Coordinators use canines to locate illegal aliens, for search and rescue missions, and to detect the presence of drugs.

Border Patrol Jobs at the Weslaco Station

In addition to employing a large number of Border Patrol Agents and Field Canine Coordinators, Border Patrol jobs in Weslaco, Texas, include the expertise of Air and Marine Interdiction Agents to patrol the 20 river miles of this Station. Other important Border Patrol jobs found at the Weslaco Station include: CBP Officers, Agricultural Specialists, and Contract Specialists.