Border Patrol Jobs in Carrizo Springs, Texas

There is seldom a dull day in the life of a Carrizo Springs Border Agent, and it is hard to say what a typical day includes. Located about 30 miles from the Rio Grande border with Mexico, the Carrizo Springs Border Station originally opened in 1927, and in the present day is responsible for a territory comprising of 2,618 square miles, including almost 30 miles of river border. Border Agents at this station use a combination of technology, personnel, and infrastructure to maintain effective control of the immediate border. This includes working in close relationship with local ranchers and law enforcement agencies.

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Border Patrol Jobs in Carrizo Springs on the increase

Border Patrol jobs in Carrizo Springs are in demand because of the station’s strategic location to the border with Mexico. Since the September 11th terrorist attacks the Department of Homeland Security has shifted its strategy to an emphasis on tightening border security and preventing illegal border crossings. This has been good news for the Carrizo Springs Station, but bad news for other stations in Texas, which have been slated for closure while their agents are scheduled to be transferred to stations like Carrizo Springs on the front line of the border.

Field Canine Units at the Border Patrol Station in Carrizo Springs

Border Patrol jobs in Carrizo Springs are varied because of the many duties the Border Agents at this station have. There are careers available for everything from drone pilots to boat captains to horse patrols. About a year ago Border Patrol Agents from the Carrizo Springs station had a record day of busts for two separate incidents of marijuana trafficking. Both involved Border Patrol Agents pulling over two different tractor-trailer trucks, and in both cases Field Canine Units used specialized drug-sniffing dogs to locate hidden caches of drugs. Total haul for the day: 18,665 pounds of marijuana, worth an estimated $14,932,256. Career Border Patrol Agents operate on the scale of tons and millions of dollars when it comes to illegal drugs.

CBP Local Community Involvement

As glamorous as the drug busts are for their media face, Border Agents are not just in it for the fame. In a recent severe thunderstorm, Border Patrol Agents in Carrizo Springs were called out to direct traffic and aid local law enforcement in whatever way they could. As it turned out a rare weather event had knocked out power to the entire town, and the Border Patrol assisted the population until the damage could be assessed and the power turned back on. Border Agents do the rough work securing the border, and often times get no rest when it comes to assisting the local population as well. They truly live up to the motto, “to serve and protect.”

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