Border Patrol Jobs in Falcon Heights, Texas

Seekers of Border Patrol jobs in Falcon Heights, Texas will be glad to know that some of the newest additions to the team are horses. Mounted Border Patrol Agents have several advantages that are useful in catching illegal drugs and arms traffickers as well as border jumpers. Horses have been introduced as part of a new federal program that captures wild Mustangs, trains and castrates them in a special rehabilitation program for prisoners, and then transfers them to border control stations where they begin their careers in U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

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Careers at the Falcon Heights, Texas station also include Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Officers who monitor traffic on the two-lane road connecting the United States and Mexico, and Border Patrol Agents who search for people smuggling or sneaking across the border in their zone of operation. One early morning in 2004, Border Patrol Agents witnessed a suspicious truck driving a few blocks away from them with its headlights turned off. Upon catching up with the truck its occupants fled, leaving behind 3,542 pounds of marijuana worth an estimated $2.83 million.

Border Patrol Jobs in Falcon Heights, Texas: Mounted Patrol

Mounted Border Agents add a level of versatility to the Border Patrol. Horses are strong and have good endurance, allowing Mounted Agents to cover difficult terrain for miles on end. Mounted Agents can access rugged terrain inaccessible to trucks or ATVs. In addition they are also quieter than motorized vehicles and therefore can bring the element of surprise to a situation. Many times border jumpers are simply not expecting Mounted Agents and fail to plan for contingencies based on their speed and agility. Horses are also able to alert to the presence of other humans with their more refined sense of hearing and smell.

To qualify for a Mounted Border Patrol job in Falcon Heights, Texas one must first already hold a Border Patrol job. Requirements include not having equine allergies, and previous work with horses is a benefit. After proving oneself of capable skills and abilities, it is possible to volunteer to become a Mounted Agent. Many Mounted Agents cite an increase in pleasure derived from working with their horses, which the government provides. Although it is not a Border Patrol job requirement to enjoy working with horses, most agents do.