Border Patrol Jobs in Hidalgo, Texas

Border Patrol jobs in Hidalgo, Texas are available for a variety of positions, including Air and Marine Interdiction Agents, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Officers, Border Patrol Agents, and Agricultural Specialists. There are two other nearby points of entry, and Border Agents can be rotated among these. Hidalgo is a city of about 11,300 on the Rio Grande, located in a prime quadrant of drug smuggling and human trafficking. It is not uncommon for drug seizures each month to total in the millions of dollars in street value. CBP Officers also play a role in stopping the illegal flow of weapons and ammunition into Mexico.

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The career of a Border Agent can seem dangerous, however intensive training is provided to cover as many possible scenarios as are likely. There is a growing influence of drug cartels south of the border, but they know if they mess with U.S. Border Agents they will be in a world of hurt. The cartels’ principal goal is not to harm Border Agents but to outsmart them with various schemes for smuggling drugs. Hence this necessitates the need for sharp CBP Officers. The Hidalgo border crossing itself is a bridge that passes over the Rio Grande to Reynosa, a city listed in the top five fasted-growing cities in Mexico. With all the growth to the south, Border Patrol jobs in Hidalgo, Texas are in demand. One weekend in March, 2012 CPB Officers seized over $2.1 million worth of cocaine.

CBP Officers Job Requirements in Hidalgo, Texas

Those who would like to pursue careers as CBP Officers must have been U.S. citizens for at least three years, have not been convicted for any counts of domestic violence, hold a valid driver’s license, and be no older than forty years at the time of application (with some exceptions for previous military and law-enforcement personnel). The prospective CBP Officer candidate must also be able to speak Spanish, pass a polygraph and drug test, as well as a background interview.

Once accepted as a CBP Officer, training will last anywhere from weeks to months, depending on previous experience. CBP Officers can obtain additional training to become Agricultural Specialists, Canine Field Units, Mounted Patrol Agents, and more.