Border Patrol Jobs in Boundary, Washington

A new facility opened at the Boundary/Wauneta Border Crossing in eastern Washington in January 2013. The updated facilities will make it possible for United States Customs and Border Protection agents to more thoroughly inspect passenger and freight traffic, perform secondary inspections more easily, and monitor an extremely rural stretch of country more effectively. Travelers should find entry into the country more secure and quicker due to enhanced technologies provided through the upgrade.

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Dealing with Border Crimes in Boundary, WA

Boundary, WA, is sparsely populated. The Border Crossing, which joins it with Wauneta, British Columbia, is open from 9 am to 5 pm seven days per week. The rural nature of this part of eastern Washington leaves it vulnerable to the smuggling of narcotics, money and weapons in addition to human trafficking. These problems, as well as concerns about the vulnerability to terrorist attacks, have prompted the Department of Homeland Security to increase the presence of US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents along the northern border. As of 2013, more than 2200 Border Patrol agents and CBP officers secure the United States’ border with Canada, monitoring the flow of goods and people across the international border.

The Use of Surveillance Technology in Boundary

Cutting-edge technology is increasing employed in rural areas, including the CBP’s Spokane Sector of which Boundary is a part. Unmanned aircraft, thermal cameras and remote video surveillance systems allow Border Patrol agents to track and stop illegal activities. Additionally, agents in eastern Washington are relying on tried-and-true methods of monitoring remote stretches of the border, including Spokane Sector’s Project Noble Mustang. Through this project, mounted agents are successfully reaching nearly inaccessible backcountry terrain on the backs of mustang horses. Spokane Sector agents have reported an enhanced ability to monitor the border while saving taxpayer money and preserving the natural ecology.

The job duties of a Border Patrol agent are varied, which many agents find fulfilling. Agents have opportunities for career growth and development. As federal employees they receive a comprehensive benefits package, including health insurance and retirement. Entry-level salaries start at $38, 619 for GL-5 employees, with overtime pay likely.