Border Patrol Jobs in Point Roberts, Washington

The town of Point Roberts, Washington houses a border crossing facility located in the Sumas, Washington Port of Entry. The U.S. Department of Homeland Securities’ Customs and Border Protection (CBP) division operates it. The Point Roberts border crossing facility allows the entry of vehicles and small boats into the United States.  Border patrol jobs in Point Roberts differ from those in other ports of entry to the United States.

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Lying 20 miles south of Vancouver, Canada, Point Roberts is situated on the tip of a land peninsula just below the 49th parallel, the border between the U.S. and Canada. Although Point Roberts is considered to be part of the United States, it is separated from the U.S. and the rest of the state of Washington by an international border. In order to get to Point Roberts, one must drive into Canada, make a u-turn around Boundary Bay, and cross the border again to get back into the U.S. and into the town of Point Roberts.

Many Canadians cross the border at Point Roberts to access better prices on goods in the U.S. that don’t carry Canada’s 12 percent tax. Because of the border crossing in Point Roberts and the presence of Border Patrol Agents and employees, this small town of just 1100 residents has been rated as a very safe and secure place to live – so safe, in fact, that it’s a hidden fact that 50 people in the U.S. Witness Protection Program reside in Point Roberts.

Border Crimes in Point Roberts, Washington

Although the Point Roberts area is quite small, the border crossing facility does get its fair share of traffic each day. Because there are fewer entries into the United States through Point Roberts, border crimes in Point Roberts are rare. Some of the reported crimes include illegal entry into the United States from Canada, attempted smuggling of drugs into the United States, and human trafficking.

Border Crossings in Point Roberts, Washington

The border crossing at Point Roberts, Washington allows vehicles and small boats to enter into the United States. For those entering the United States via Point Roberts on land, one must have a NEXUS card or enhanced driver’s license. Those attempting to enter the U.S. via the Point Roberts marina must be cleared at the dock by CBP Agents/Officers.

Border Patrol Requirements and Job Titles in Point Roberts, Washington

Border patrol jobs in Point Roberts, Washington are still very necessary, although this border crossing may be a bit smaller than others into the United States from Canada. Some of the job titles at the Point Roberts border crossing include:

Border Patrol Agent: These customs professionals are on the front lines of the border, detecting, preventing and apprehending terrorists as well as persons and goods trying to enter the country illegally. Applications for Border Patrol Agent positions may be submitted online. Before hiring, candidates must pass a variety of drug, fitness and background checks, as well as pass the CBP Border Patrol Entrance Examination. One must also pass an Oral Interview with three Border Patrol Agents. The entire process from application to hiring can take six to nine months to complete.

Marine Interdiction Agent: This position involves many of the same duties of the Border Patrol Agent, but on water instead of land. These agents are responsible for securing waterways to make sure that persons and goods do not illegally enter the country via these routes. Requirements for this position include U.S. citizenship, younger than age 40, and passing background, drug and fitness examinations. If a candidate to become a Marine Interdiction Agent has marine or law enforcement experience, this is preferred, but not a strict requirement of the CBP.

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