Border Patrol Jobs in Metaline Falls, Washington

The Metaline Falls/Nelway Border Crossing connects Metaline Falls with Nelway, British Columbia. The Border Crossing is open seven days per week from 8 am until 12 am. The Metaline Falls/ Nelway Border Crossing is part of the United States Customs and Border Protections’ (CBP) Spokane Sector, which includes eastern Washington, Idaho and western Montana. Border Patrol agents in the Spokane Sector monitor 22 miles of the United States’ border with Canada.  Border Patrol agents stationed at Metaline Falls Station have responsibility for the Pasco, WA, substation as well as the Metaline Falls Port of Entry.

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Metaline Falls, Washington, is located in Pend Orielle County in the northeast corner of Washington State. According to the 2012 census, its population was 238 people.

As one of the United States’ 329 ports of entry, the Metaline Falls Border Crossing serves as an entry point into the United States. Border Patrol agents monitor the passage of persons and goods through the legal border crossing. Additionally, they investigate activity along rural trails and other likely crossing places along the U.S. border with Canada. The smuggling of drugs, money and humans across the northern border has increased in recent years, prompting US CBP to increase staffing. Border Patrol agents also have been charged with the responsibility of protecting the United States from infiltration of potential terrorists via the U.S./Canadian border. This duty has increased in importance since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Metaline Falls in the News

Narcotics smuggling is one of the more frequent illegal activities encountered by Border Patrol agents in the Spokane Sector. In May, 2012, Border Patrol agents stationed at Metaline Falls intercepted 80 pounds of cocaine worth more than 800,000 U.S. dollars. Metaline Falls’ CBP agents, including Border Patrol agents and Air Interdiction agents, play important roles in stopping illegal contraband such as narcotics from entering the United States.

Salaries for Border Patrol Agents

As federal employees working for the Department of Homeland Security, CBP applicants must meet high standards of fitness and background in order to be eligible for employment. Entry level (GL-5) salaries begin at $38,619 with opportunities for overtime pay. Employees also qualify for comprehensive federal benefits packages.