Border Patrol Jobs in Oroville, Washington

The Oroville, Washington border crossing has played an active role in circumventing smugglers from the moment it was established in 1929. At that time prohibition was in full swing, and the Canadian province of British Columbia was enjoying a boom in liquor smuggling to its southern neighbor. The prevention of smuggling continues to the present day, though the focus on alcohol has been shifted to the notorious, “B.C. Bud” variety of marijuana, a situation that has been further complicated with recent Washington State legislature action legalizing the substance.

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CBP Officer and Agricultural Specialist Jobs at the Oroville Crossing

Smuggling contraband is not the only worry of career border patrol agents at the Oroville station. Human trafficking and alien crossings have also always been a concern. In earlier days migrants would cross illegally through the Oroville region motivated by the lure of jobs in the mining and timber industries. Today the main draw for illegal migration is the farming industry in Washington State’s river valleys and plains. The agricultural industry extends for hundreds of miles in this area, with Oroville being one of the many regional small towns surrounded by orchards and farmland.

The population of Oroville, Wa was 1,686 people in the 2010 census. In 2011, 512,520 people crossed the border into the United States at the Oroville station, according to the regional port director. The most common things seized by CBP officers and agricultural specialists are fruits and vegetables, followed by marijuana and its paraphernalia, Cuban cigars, guns, and ammunition. Although fruit and vegetable seizures may not sound too exciting, agriculture in Washington State is a multi-billion dollar industry, and keeping foreign pathogens out ensures this industry will continue to thrive and provide jobs for tens of thousands of Washingtonians.

Border Patrol Agent, Air Interdiction Agent, and Marine Interdiction Agent Jobs

Agents with border patrol jobs in Oroville, Washington must also contend with the regional environment. Hunters and hikers have been known to become lost, and the wilderness is home to black bears, coyotes, and the ever-elusive Bigfoot. In the summer of 1991 an air interdiction agent spotted a speedboat jumping the border on a lake shared by Washington State and British Columbia. Marine interdiction agents intervened, impounding the boat and arresting the operators, who turned out to be career drug smugglers.

Border patrol jobs in Oroville, Washington provide agents, CBP officers, as well as air and marine interdiction agents with good stories for their friends and family, but more importantly they play a critical role in the regulation and smooth transit of people and goods between the United States and Canada.

Border Patrol Requirements in Oroville, Washington

Border patrol job requirements consist of:

  • Being a U.S. citizen
  • Having no domestic violence convictions
  • Possessing a valid driver’s license
  • Being no older than forty years of age (with the exception of those who have previous military or law-enforcement experience)

The successful candidate must also pass several tests including a polygraph, physical, fitness, and drug test. An additional background investigation will be required. Applicants must either have knowledge of the Spanish language or pass a language exam after an eight-week course provided during training.

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