Border Patrol Jobs in Frontier, Washington

The rural Frontier/Paterson Border Crossing in eastern Washington is one of only two 24 hour border crossings in the eastern part of the state. The other 24 hour crossing, located at Oroville/Osoyoos, is a service port that provides a full range of cargo processing capabilities. Frontier/Paterson provides full passenger and limited cargo processing.

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The Frontier Border Crossing is part of the Spokane Sector of the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency, a division of Homeland Security. The Spokane Sector encompasses 308 miles of international boundary and nearly 135,000 square miles of land. Much of it is sparsely populated, leaving it vulnerable to illegal activity including the smuggling of contraband such as narcotics and weapons as well as human trafficking. To combat these problems and to improve the security of the United States’ borders in the wake of the September 11th terrorist attacks, Homeland Security has steadily increased the numbers of Border Patrol agents and CBP officers along the northern border, so that they currently number more than 5,000.

High Tech Monitoring at the Frontier Border Station

Additionally, CBP has been upgrading its technology in rural areas. The region surrounding Frontier is monitored through a combination of unmanned aircraft, thermal cameras, remote video surveillance systems and mobile surveillance systems. Agents use boats to prevent illegal entry and smuggling through lakes that straddle the border. Mounted agents use specially trained horses to patrol rugged terrain. Consequently, Border Patrol agents may be hired for a variety of job duties and may receive training in order to provide specialized services to help secure the border.

How to Become a Border Patrol Agent in Frontier, WA

Compensation for Border Patrol agents depends on education and experience. Entry-level salaries range from $38, 619 (GL-5) to $49,029 (GL-9), with opportunities to earn overtime pay. Border Patrol agents are eligible to receive a federal employees’ benefits package that includes health insurance, life insurance and retirement benefits.

Candidates for Border Patrol positions must meet qualifications for age, fitness and language aptitude, and pass a background check. A polygraph test may be required.