Border Patrol Jobs in Colville, Washington

The Colville, Washington Border Patrol Station is under the control of the Customs and Border Protection Unit of the federal government’s Department of Homeland Security. Located in the Spokane Sector, border patrol jobs in Colville involve keeping unwanted and unlawful people and items from crossing the Washington border from Canada into the United States.  Colville’s workers are responsible for patrolling 40 miles of international border as well as ports of entry within the station’s domain. The Colville, Washington border patrol station has been in existence since 1963.

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Border Crimes in Colville, Washington

According to an NBC News report, one of the most common border crimes in Colville, Washington is the attempted smuggling of marijuana into the United States from British Columbia. Border patrol agents in Colville are always on high alert for suspected terrorists or terrorist activities. Other border crimes seen by Colville agents include illegal aliens attempting to cross the border, weapons smuggling attempts, banned herbicides crossing the border, and narcotics smuggling.

Border Crossings in Colville, Washington

Ports of Entry that fall under the responsibility of the Colville Border Patrol Station, all of which are border crossings at the Oroville Service Port of Entry, include:

  • Port of Laurier
  • Port of Boundary
  • Port of Frontier

Border Patrol Job Titles in Colville, Washington

Colville National Forest falls within the boundaries of the Colville Border Patrol Station. This creates unique opportunities and border patrol job titles in Colville, Washington. In addition to the jobs one would expect to find, such as Border Patrol Agent and CBP Officer, the following jobs might be available with the Colville border patrol station:

Agricultural Specialist: People will sometimes try to smuggle banned agricultural items into the United States. One of the responsibilities of the Agricultural Specialist is to prevent this from happening. The Agricultural Specialist must keep banned pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, as well as pests (including worms, moths, and insects) from entering the United States on produce and other agricultural items.

Air Interdiction Agent: The Air Interdiction Agent’s responsibility is similar to that of the Border Patrol Agent, with the difference that the patrol area is in the skies instead of on land. Air Interdiction Agents must keep the skies over the United States save, providing surveillance against terrorist activities and smuggling operations of all kinds, including human, drugs, money and goods.

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