Border Patrol Jobs in Sherwood, North Dakota

Sherwood, like many of the border crossings along the Northern border, may be small, but it is still an important part of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), which is under the Department of Homeland Security. Border Patrol jobs here are often just as vital as those found at other border crossings, as all Border Patrol professionals are tasked with ensuring that our country’s borders remain secure from all international threats, including weapons smuggling, drugs smuggling, illegal alien smuggling, and terrorists and their weapons.

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The CBP is the mobile, uniformed law enforcement agency of the Department of Homeland Security, and 58,000 CBP jobs were responsible for nearly 2,800 apprehensions for illegal entry in FY2011. Their importance can’t be underestimated, and their job titles often vary according to border location and type. For example, it can be expected that the following CBP jobs are found at the Sherwood, North Dakota, Port of Entry:

CBP Officers: There are more than 20,000 CBP Officers in the CBP. Their main responsibility includes screening passengers and cargo at the nation’s 300 Ports of Entry.

Border Patrol Agents: Border Patrol Agents are frontline law enforcement professionals. There are about 20,000 Border Patrol Agents in the CBP who protect the more than 5,000 miles of Northern Border. The main tasks of Border Patrol Agents include detecting, preventing and apprehending terrorists, undocumented aliens, and smugglers of illegal aliens.

Beyond the frontline positions, there are more than 8,000 CBP professionals who work behind the scenes, providing operational support, intelligence research, and sector enforcement. Just some of the careers include: contract specialists, CBP technicians, management analysts, mission support specialists, and security specialists.

How to Achieve a Career with the CBP

Individuals interested in careers with the CBP must meet the specific education and experience guidelines as outlined by the CBP. However, all candidates must meet specific requirements, regardless of the career.

For example, to apply for a career with the CBP, all candidates must be U.S. citizens, and they must meet specific U.S. residency requirements. Candidates applying for jobs as Border Patrol Agents must be under the age of 40, and candidates applying for jobs as CBP Officers must be under the age of 37. Individuals who meet veteran’s eligibility or those with federal law enforcement experience may be exempt from the age requirement.

Further, all candidates should expect to undergo background checks, drug checks, credit checks, and polygraph tests. All candidates must pass a two-part physical fitness test, as well as a thorough medical exam.

Sherwood, North Dakota

Sherwood is a city in Renville County that, as of the 2010 census, had a population of just 242. This small city, which is part of the Minot Micropolitan Statistical area, shares a border with the Canadian village of Carievale, which is located in southeastern Saskatchewan.

The Sherwood Port of Entry, which is open seven days a week from 9:00AM to 10:00PM, is part of the Pembina Service Port, the Seattle Field Operations Office, and the Grand Forks Sector.

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