Border Patrol Jobs in Hannah, North Dakota

As part of the 67 ports of entry that comprise the Seattle Field Office, the Hannah Border Control Station is operated by the Customs Border Protection (CBP) Division of the Department of Homeland Security.  It is located at the border with the city of Snowflake, Manitoba at the intersection of Port Road with Provincial Road 242.  There are five federal officers on the front lines in Hannah.

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The Role of Border Patrol Agents in Hannah

Despite being a relatively low volume border crossing in comparison to the others, the Hannah Border Control Station makes a significant contribution to U.S. security.  The jobs of the Border Patrol agents in Hannah include monitoring the vehicular traffic into the U.S. to detect potential terrorists, illegal drugs, other types of contraband, illegal immigrants, and agricultural goods that are prohibited from being brought into the country.

Since 9/11, security at the northern border has a prime concern of the Department of Homeland Security due to the possibility that terrorists or other types of violent extremists could enter the U.S. from Canada.  Border control agents are tasked with detecting such individuals or groups and preventing them from entering the U.S.  Such efforts are vital to ensuring the safety of the American populace.

Issues Encountered by Border Patrol Agents and CBP Officers in Hannah

Smuggling across the border from Canada has been a concern since the days of prohibition.  Canada is the primary source of Ecstasy for the U.S. and is also a major source of marijuana that is extremely potent.  The jobs of the Border Patrol agents in this area involve examining the contents of vehicles crossing at this site to detect this type of contraband.

Human trafficking is also an issue across the northern border.  To prevent this, both the U.S. and Canada instituted a policy of requiring both proof of citizenship and a photo ID to cross into the two countries.  Border Patrol agents rigorously screen people attempting to enter the U.S. to ensure that they are truly U.S. citizens.

Another aspect of keeping U.S. citizens safe from harm is the inspection of fruits, vegetables, and meat products that people attempt to bring into the country.  There are a number of pests and pathogens that could wreak havoc on agriculture in the U.S., and agricultural specialists are on the front lines to prevent this scenario from taking place.

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