Border Patrol Jobs in North Dakota

The Grand Forks Sector of the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) operated by the United States Department of Homeland Security holds the responsibility for securing the international borders of North Dakota. Border patrol jobs in North Dakota provide residents security by guarding the international border with Canada as well as land and air ports of entry into the country located in the state.

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Fiscal Year 2011 crime data logged by the CBP for the Grand Forks Sector is as follows:

  • Apprehensions:  468
  • Pounds of Marijuana seized:  0.02
  • Assaults: 1

Border Patrol Requirements and Job Titles in North Dakota

North Dakota is full of opportunities for Border Patrol Agents and CBP Officers. There are other jobs specific to the North Dakota area that are available within the state and Grand Forks sector, and they include:

Transportation Security Officer: The professional in this position is responsible for working at one of the international airports in North Dakota. Job responsibilities of the Transportation Security Officer include screening cargo, baggage, and passengers to detect illegal and prohibited items, and prevent these items from being transported into the U.S., controlling exit and entry points in the airport terminal, doing pat-down and hand-wand searches of persons, and interaction with the public in a stressful airport situation. Requirements to obtain this position include:

  • US citizenship
  • At least 18 years old when apply for position
  • Proficiency in English (reading, writing, speaking)
  • Have a high school diploma/GED or one year of work experience as an x-ray technician, in security, or in aviation screening
  • Pass background investigation
  • Pass initial and random drug screening tests
  • Complete two weeks of initial training if hired

Import Specialist: The professional selected for this position is responsible forinspecting all goods that enter the United States through a border crossing station or air/land port of entry. The Import Specialist must appraise the value of all imported goods, and must also categorize each good attempting to be imported, deciding if it is allowable to enter into the United States based on customs laws. Requirements to obtain this position include:

  • US citizenship
    • Have a bachelor’s degree in business, economics accounting or a related field
    • Have at least three years of work experience
    • Pass a background investigation
    •  Pass a drug screening test
    • Complete seven weeks of training in topics such as trade agreements, customs laws and imports/exports if hired

Border Crossings in North Dakota

Ports of Entry in North Dakota are:

  • Williston-Sloulin Field International Airport
  • Ambrose
  • Westhope
  • Antler
  • Walhalla
  • Carbury
  • Saint John
  • Dunseith
  • Sherwood
  • Fortuna
  • Sarles
  • Grand Forks- Mark Andrews International Airport
  • Portal
  • Hannah
  • Pembina
  • Hansboro
  • Northgate
  • Fargo-Hector International Airport
  • Noonan
  • Maida
  • Neche
  • Minot- Minot International Airport

Border crossing stations in North Dakota in the Grand Forks Sector are:

  • Portal
  • Grand Forks
  • Pembina
  • Bottineau

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