Border Patrol Jobs in Northgate, North Dakota

The Northgate Port of Entry is just one of many Northern border facilities expected to be upgraded, thanks to a $1 billion contract through the Department of Homeland Security. Funding for these projects, which was approved in 2009, is part of the Recovery Act. Other Northern Ports of Entry included in these upgrades include: Antler, Carbury, Fortuna, Hannah, Hansboro, Maida, Neche, Noonan, Sarles, Sherwood, Walhalla, and Westhope.

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Some of the upgrades expected in Northgate and other Northern border crossings include updated facilities with some of the newest technology designed to detect illegal entry into the United States and to facilitate all legal crossing and trade. Further, many stations are expected to include K-9 unit facilities.

The following Border Patrol jobs can therefore be expected at the Northgate Port of Entry:

Border Patrol Agents: Border Patrol Agents are CBP frontline professionals tasked with patrolling all border crossing areas, ensuring that terrorists and illegal aliens are detected and apprehended. They also stop illegal drugs, narcotics and other contraband from crossing the border.

Air Interdiction Agents: Air Interdiction Agents prevent weapons, people, and narcotics by air. There are about 1,000 Air and Marine Interdiction Agents working for the CBP.

The Northgate, North Dakota, Port of Entry is part of the Grand Forks Border Patrol Sector, which includes the entire state of North Dakota, as well as the states of Wisconsin, South Dakota, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, and Kansas. There were 213 Border Patrol Agents in the Grand Forks Sector in 2011, an increase from 169 in 2009.

Northgate, North Dakota, Port of Entry

The Northgate Port of Entry is open seven days a week, from 9:00AM to 10:00PM. The Northgate Port of Entry is part of the Pembina Service Port, which is open seven days a week, 24 hours a day. It is through the Pembina Service Port that all cargo processing functions take place, including inspections, entry, collections, and verifications. It is also overseen by the Seattle Field Operations office.

About Northgate, North Dakota

Northgate, North Dakota is a very small, rural town that shares a border with the Canadian town of Northgate, an unorganized hamlet in southeastern Saskatchewan. Northgate, North Dakota, is located about 84 miles from the Minot International Airport.

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