Border Patrol Jobs in Newport, Vermont

Since 1924, agents working at the Border Patrol Station in Newport, Vermont have been helping to keep America’s international border with Canada safe. Located within the Swanton Sector of the Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) Unit of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, border patrol jobs in Newport, Vermont involve patrolling 6406 square miles, including 32 miles of international border (one mile of which is water). The patrol area includes the Green Mountains and part of Lake Memphremagog, which runs from Canada into the United States.

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In addition to preventing terrorism and stopping illegal aliens from crossing the border into the United States, Border Patrol Agents in Newport, Vermont have seized marijuana, apprehended fugitives wanted in other states, and helped track seaplanes entering the United States from Canada. The number one job of Border Patrol Agents since September 11, 2001 is to constantly be on high alert for suspected terrorists, terrorism and terrorist activities.

Border Crossings in Newport, Vermont

Newport, Vermont was the site of the first Border Patrol Sector Headquarters of the Swanton Sector in 1924. Today, Highway 5 is the border crossing at the Newport Border Patrol Station, allowing travelers to cross from Canada into the United States.

Border Patrol Job Titles in Newport, Vermont

Newport, Vermont is an important Border Patrol Station in the CBP’s plan to keep the United States’ northern border with Canada safe. Border patrol jobs in Newport, Vermont involve the security of that border and of Americans living throughout the Newport station’s patrol area. Border patrol agents use various means of transportation to traverse the miles, including on foot, in all terrain vehicles, by Jet Ski, and by boat. Some are specially trained Marine Interdiction Agents who are charged with stopping illegal crossings of persons and goods on water.

Others may be specially trained Air Interdiction Agents whose responsibility includes keeping the skies of the Newport Border Patrol Station safe from terrorists and illegal immigrants, smugglers and smuggled goods. Still other Border Patrol Agents are trained to work with dogs on canine teams. These dogs help agents find drugs, weapons, explosives and other illegal goods that persons are attempting to smuggle into the United States. A broad range of job titles may be available at the Newport Border Patrol Station at any time, as men and women are always needed to help protect the borders and the safety of the United States.