Border Patrol Jobs in Beecher Falls, Vermont

The Border Patrol Station in Beecher Falls is the easternmost border crossing in Vermont.  It is located in the village of Beecher Falls, which is part of the township of Canaan. Customs Border Protection (CBP) of the Department of Homeland Security operates this facility.

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The Beecher Falls Border Patrol Station has been located since 1926 where Highway 253 in Vermont intersects with its Canadian counterpart.  The border crossing is lightly traveled, frequented by vacation travelers and has been recommended by as an alternate route to the more congested Derby Line border crossing.  There are currently 25 Border Patrol agents stationed at this border crossing in cramped quarters.

The Mission of Border Control Agents in Beecher Falls

Securing the border is a top priority for the U.S. government, particularly since the terrorist attacks on 9/11.  Preventing potential terrorists from entering the country is a prime mission of the Border Patrol, and the number of agents has tripled in Beecher Falls since 9/11.

Two suspected terrorists were intercepted attempting to cross the Beecher Falls border in 1999, although they were later determined not to pose a safety hazard to the U.S.  This famous incident sparked a new awareness of the threat of terrorists crossing the northern border into the U.S., however.

Other threats to the U.S. include smuggling across the Canadian border, which has been a problem since the days of Prohibition.  To this day, there are continued efforts to smuggle drugs, contraband, and people over this border.

To prevent such criminal attempts, Border Control jobs in Beecher Falls involve patrolling more than 5200 acres spread along 78 miles of linear border territory in New England, extending into New Hampshire.

New Border Patrol Facilities near Beecher Fall

As part of a two year negotiation process, a new $15 million Border Patrol facility is in the final stages of completion in Canaan.  This facility will hold up to 50 agents, providing additional Border Patrol jobs for those in Beecher Fall.  It will not supplant the Beecher Falls and Canaan Border crossing facilities, but will provide additional office and support space.  The new facility includes holding cells, a helicopter landing pad, a K-9 unit, and a shooting range.

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