Border Patrol Jobs in North Troy, Vermont

In northern Vermont, the North Troy Border Patrol Station is located where Vermont Route 243 meets its Canadian counterpart.  The Department of Homeland Security’s Customs Border Protection (CBP) Division operates this station.

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The border cross at North Troy is a fairly low volume one.  Most of the traffic is from trucks with permits and Canadians coming and going from the Jay Peaks ski resort located nearby.  The station was rebuilt in 2005 and presents an impressive display against the backdrop of the small town in which it is located.

Mission of the Border Patrol Agents in North Troy

U.S. Border Patrol agents are tasked with preventing criminals from entering the U.S. and thus safeguarding the well being of American citizens.  They do so by inspecting the credentials and possessions of those attempting to cross the North Troy border into Vermont.

While local citizens used to cross the border with ease, this is no longer the case.  In 2008, both the U.S. and Canada started requiring that its citizens who wished to cross the border rigorously prove their citizenship.  Potential border crossers must show some type of photo identification.  They also need to provide proof of citizenship in the form of a birth certificate, passport, or naturalization certificate.

Especially since 9/11, one of the primary considerations of the Border Patrol is to prevent terrorists from gaining egress into the United States.  There have been some false alarms, but so far, no terrorists have been intercepted trying to enter the border in Vermont.  Border Patrol agents make diligent efforts to ensure this will not happen, however.

The jobs of Border Patrol agents in North Troy include monitoring the comings and goings of vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists who try to enter the U.S. from Quebec Province.  Trucks crossing into North Troy pose a constant threat to U.S. security, although local truckers can obtain permits that allow them to cross the North Troy border. While no terrorists have yet been intercepted, this is not the case for smugglers who try to bring in guns, other types of contraband, and illegal immigrants.  U.S. Border Patrol agents frequently intercept such efforts to breach U.S. security and thus help to keep American citizens safe.