Border Patrol Jobs in Sandusky Bay, Ohio

The Sandusky Bay Station became the first location in the history of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to have all three of its operations departments – the Border Patrol, Field Operations, and Air and Marine Offices – under one roof. Border Patrol jobs in Sandusky Bay include those for agents to conduct air and marine patrols, line-watch duties along the shoreline, man points of entry, and patrol around roads and trails near border areas.

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Each day CBP agents seize more than seven tons of illegal drugs, process more than 900,000 people crossing the borders, and apprehend 932 people trying to cross the borders illegally, 61 of which have criminal records. The agency has approximately 58,000 employees and maintains 150 Border Patrol offices nationwide.

CBP Refocus Since 9/11 Attacks

Border Patrol jobs in Sandusky Bay came into existence because of the September 11th attacks. Before this turning point, it had been enough to have the Gibraltar Station, about 40 miles to the northwest, patrol the U.S.-Canadian border on Lake Erie. But that changed with the new border strategy implemented by Homeland Security; a shift was made to emphasize a sealed border, and hence it was decided the Sandusky Bay Station should be constructed. The new $25 million station opened in 2012 and includes dry dock boat storage, a helicopter landing strip, detention facilities, fitness rooms, and canine facilitates among its perks.

Fleeing Suspect in Sandusky Accidentally Leads Agents to Grow-Op

One never knows what will happen next in a job with the Border Patrol. While trying to conduct a routine vehicle stop, Border Patrol Agents were led on a chase by the suspect vehicle, which would not pull over. Finally four men jumped out and led agents on a foot chase. Air Interdiction Agents from the Sandusky Bay Station responded to a request for air support and soon found one of the suspects hiding in a cornfield. Or at least what looked like a cornfield. Agents discovered 26 marijuana plants interspersed with the legal crop.

Career Opportunities with the Border Patrol in Sandusky Bay

Careers with the CBP agency starts with a simple application, including these basic requirements:

  • U.S. Citizen for at least three years
  • Be under 40 years (with some exceptions for those with law enforcement or military careers)
  • Must not have any domestic violence convictions
  • Be able to speak Spanish or willing to learn
  • Complete a successful physical and drug test
  • Pass a thorough background check and polygraph test

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